anyone ever have Orbera procedure?

M. wood
on 1/8/16 10:00 am

anyone ever have orbera procedure?

Dale Elaine S.
on 1/10/16 12:09 pm - Moultrie, GA

several people around here in South GA have had it.  I'm thinking about it (after I hear how they do with it).  


       Lapband 2/25/08; Removed 6/26/10;
      Don't know what to do now

M. wood
on 1/11/16 8:22 am

when did they get it? and do you know why they r doing?

Dale Elaine S.
on 1/11/16 9:23 am - Moultrie, GA

doing it for weight loss, high blood pressure.   One girl I know had it put in on Friday and she has been vomiting since then. :( 

She didn't even need to lose weight and I am really surprised they did the procedure for her but she paid cash and had high blood pressure.  Not overweight at all in my opinion but if you go by the BMI charts, it sounds like even skinny people are over weight.  RIDICULOUS!

I had the lap band in 08 and it slipped in 10 and I gained my 70 pounds back within the year.   That is what makes me wonder about this procedure because they put it in for 6 months and take it out so I would think you would gain it all back pretty quickly.  They say you learn how to eat during those 6 months but that didn't happen to me with lap band and I had it two years. 

       Lapband 2/25/08; Removed 6/26/10;
      Don't know what to do now

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