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on 6/23/05 4:22 am - Mt Vernon, ME

Creating your own post - how to use emoticons

Emoticons associated with your post's title

One emoticon may be associated with your post's title. (We currently do not support embedding emoticons in post titles; the emoticon image you select to go with your post will appear to the left of the post's title.) To select an emoticon image to go with your post title, click the down-arrow marked Title Images to the left of the area where you will type your post. A menu of images should appear; click on one to make it the title image of your post. The image you have selected will appear outlined in red in the Title Images menu.

Emoticons inserted into your post

As many emoticons as you like may be inserted into the body of your post. To view the available emoticons which you may insert, click the down-arrow marked Message Emoticons to the left of the area where you type your post. You will see a list of textual representations of emoticons and their corresponding emoticon images. To insert an image into your post, type the corresponding text. For example, to include this image :-) in your post, you'd type :-), and to include this one :angel: you'd type :angel:.

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Randall Culpepper
on 10/4/05 12:19 pm - Guntersville, AL
Thank you for this Board. I'm the only Notary around I guess. NOT! If anyone needs my services, they can feel free to contact me. Thanks again! Randall Culpepper, Notary Public
Elizabeth C.
on 6/16/06 8:08 am - Montgomery County, MD
RNY on 10/04/06 with
I didn't know there was a list for this. I am one in Montgomery County, Maryland.
Queen J
on 8/29/06 8:58 am - Troy, AL
I am a Notary, in the State of Alabama.
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