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The hundreds of dietitians and nutritionists in the directory below are part of our Professionals Directory
The hundreds of dietitians and nutritionists in the directory below are part of our Professionals Directory. Click Here and then select the state you are interested in. These professionals have been placed here by their patients and given reviews.
Manfred C. Chiang, MD

I had my first consultation with Dr. Chiang yesterday and I was very impressed with the sense of calm that I had in dealing with him and his staff. They were so kind and patient, I really think I've found the right Doctor for me. Now I just have to get insurance approval and decide which surgery makes more sense for me. That's another thing about Dr. Chiang, he didn't try to sway me one way or the other...just gave me really thorough info about Banding and RNY. He said the decision is mine...and to do some soul searching. I would suggest him to anyone who is looking in the Milwaukee area.UPDATE 8/16/2004:Received approval from my insurance company in less than a week! A lot of the credit is due to Dr. Chiang's office staff...Lynn in particular. I had heard horror stories about getting approval from HIRSP on the first try so I was very anxious. Lynn at Dr. Chiang's office however is familiar with what HIRSP has requested from previous HIRSP patients and insisted that I get everything before submitting, which I have to admit was a bit frustrating for me. But I am SOOOOOO glad she insisted...I was approved in less than one week!!! UPDATE 10/15/2004: Just wanted to add how glad I am that I chose Dr. Chiang...this experience has been better for trusting in him. His bedside manner while I was in the hospital was marvelous in spite of the fact that he was "stuck" in the hospital from Friday to Sunday because of his busy schedule...he always remained calm, kind and interested.

Christine F.