Hello from Boston

on 8/29/17 10:46 am

Hello from the Boston area. I'm new here and just wanted to see how things work around here and meet some of you who are regulars and might want to help a newbie. Thanks in advance.

on 9/1/17 6:30 am

Welcome! I am from Boston area as well, have been a member a long time but do not post often, but hoping to get back in general discussions. General forums are great with a lot of wonderful advice. Look at everything, I am sure you will relate to a lot. Welcome again!

MJ (Boston) RNY 6/25/01 pre-op 335 goal 160 Breast reduction 4/04  38J to 38C
Panniculectomy with anchor incision 5/8/09 (10lbs skin lost) re-do of breast reduction to correct flaws 38c to 38c- with lateral breast lift.        
on 9/13/17 10:44 am

Hi and welcome!

I'm also from the Boston area. Where are you in your process: do you have a surgeon?


on 9/30/17 5:58 am - Salem, MA
VSG on 10/16/17

I'm also from the Boston area! Having my surgery in Boston in a couple of weeks.

on 11/9/17 6:00 am

Welcome to the community!

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