Iron Deficiency

on 12/28/17 3:55 pm

I have not had health insurance for years. Hubby doesn't have access to it at work and we have not been able to afford it on our own. (Had Roux-N-Y in 2003). I am pretty sure I have severe iron deficiency anemia and probably a deficiency in B12. Yes, I have been taking supplements, but I've been feeling more tired and more weak especially lately. The good news is, as of Jan 1st, we will have health insurance, but will have to pay 50% out of pocket after deductible. I plan on heading to an urgent care clinic on Tuesday, but I did find a way to get some labs done tomorrow (using I don't need a doctor's order). I have to pay all of that out of pocket, but I ordered Iron with TIBC, Ferritin, and a CBC. Anything else I should look for?

Laura in Texas
on 12/29/17 6:24 am

This is what my bariatric surgeon had on my last lab orders:

Laura in Texas

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on 1/7/18 1:13 pm

I had RNY in 2000. The two areas I'm always low is Iron and Vitamin D. I've had to get prescription Vit D 100,000 IU every week for months because it got so low. I can now maintain it with over the counter about 10,000 IU 5 times a week.

on 1/7/18 5:06 pm

I was lucky. The hematologist checked all my other nutrient values, B12, calcium Vitamin D, etc.. All levels were great except for the iron. I'm feeling tons better except for the achy joints (side effect of the IV iron). Go on Thursday for my last infusion, then in one month for labs to be sure I don't need more. Apparantly, my body can maintain/utilize all the other supplements but the iron.

on 1/9/18 4:26 am - Putnam, CT
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That's great you were able to get the iron infusions, but I have to ask did anyone inform you how much they would cost? Only asking, because I got hit with over 2K in bills from it and that is after insurance paid their measly part.

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on 1/9/18 7:47 am

No, no one discussed the cost with me, since that was the only option. Continuing as I was trying to take supplements that aren't working would have resulted in my death. However, I had already extensively researched the cost of iron and I'm aware of the high cost of it. At this point, I consider it well worth the cost since it's saving my life

on 1/9/18 8:02 am - Putnam, CT
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I agree savings one's life is very important. Just didn't want you to be blind sided with a high bill. Glad you're on the road to recovery.

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on 1/9/18 11:09 am

You are very sweet, thank you. My husband calls me the research queen because I research everything! And I mean everything. I do believe everyone should keep themselves informed when it comes to their health care costs (among other things) and get a good idea on the out of pocket costs that you may incur from the surgery, after care, maintenance and any possible complications now and down the road. I expect the best outcome, but am always prepared for the worst!

on 1/19/18 12:52 pm

Have you tried Proferrin? It's the only iron I have been able to tolerate.

They had to give me blood when I had back surgery because my iron was so low. It was 7.

Proferrin has brought it up to low normal but it's not way under normal the way it was. I am going to take 1 1/2 per day instead of 1 and see if that brings it up some more. It's expensive but it's much easier to absorb.

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on 1/19/18 5:14 pm

I have tried every type of iron out there. I can tolerate almost any of them. The problem is that I'm not absorbing the iron. I go back to the hematologist next month to check labs, then I'll probably go back again in 6 months for the same. Unless the patch works, I will probably have to get IV iron once a year, which I am fine with. In the meantime, I feel better than I have in years, I can walk from my bed to the bathroom without getting short of breath. I have color in my face, I have energy, and my weight loss has restarted. Lost 7lbs since I've been out of the hospital. My taste buds have even changed, I don't crave the ice anymore and those food items I was eating tons and tons of that weren't good for me, I'm not wanting anymore (Cheese and Cracker Combos were the worst!) I'm drinking more water, drinking my protein drinks and I'm BACK!!

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