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on 11/15/17 5:48 am - Putnam, CT
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Topic: RE: what are you eating 3 weeks post op???

I recommend you check out the world according to eggface Shelly has tons of different recipes for all stages of WLS.

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on 11/14/17 3:55 pm - Jacksonville, FL
VSG on 09/29/17
Topic: RE: studio food

Perky Turkey Jerky

Beef Jerky (Jack Links makes a very low fat beef jerky)

Starkist single serving pouches of flavored or unflavored tuna. Low cal, relatively low carb and low fat. Go for Parm crackers or whole grain tortillas if you need an accompaniment.

Yogurt (Oikos Triple Zero is my favorite - coffee)

Egg beaters is also easy to cook in a microwave. 2 Tbsp of egg beaters takes about 30 seconds. Add salsa for a nice tasty addition.

Laughing cow cheese wedges (35 calorie ones)

Low fat string cheese

Old Wisconsin Turkey bites


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on 11/13/17 1:24 pm
RNY on 10/16/17
Topic: RE: Egg Substitues

You can add egg white powder to cream soups and other things to add protein

on 11/13/17 1:23 pm
RNY on 10/16/17
Topic: RE: what are you eating 3 weeks post op???

You should join the instantpot group on here. Lots of great recipes

on 11/13/17 12:53 pm
Topic: RE: Egg Substitues

I've tried making egg white only but its really not the same.

on 11/13/17 12:17 pm
VSG on 11/01/17
Topic: RE: what are you eating 3 weeks post op???

I just bought my self an instantpot on Friday.. . Can't wait to use it.... I think tonight I will try chicken...

I did not start pasta today.... but I did eat some fruit

on 11/12/17 5:57 pm
RNY on 10/16/17
Topic: RE: Egg Substitues

Have you tried egg white powder?

on 11/12/17 5:55 pm
RNY on 10/16/17
Topic: RE: what are you eating 3 weeks post op???

My doc put me on soft foods. If it can be smashed with a fork I can eat it. I have egg and cheese for breakfast usually. For lunch I have chicken salad on Parmesan cracker and Greek yogurt that I make with my instantpot. Dinner has been turkey and cottage cheese or more chicken salad. I add protein powder whenever I can. I can't drink protein shakes they make me gag. I am four weeks post op as of tomorrow. I will be starting regular food next week.

on 11/12/17 4:41 pm
Topic: RE: Egg Substitues

Hello Alan - I haven't made it in a while but silken tofu and Birds makes a really great custard!

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on 11/11/17 4:08 pm
VSG on 11/01/17
Topic: what are you eating 3 weeks post op???

I have been told by several people that the "diet" my doctor put me on is crap!!! what were you eating starting on day 21 post op??? I have gone through several menus, and I do not want to push myself to much!!

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