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on 4/24/18 10:10 pm
Topic: RE: Whey Vs. Casein for Weight Loss

Whey is a "fast-acting" protein, so your body absorbs and digests it more rapidly than casein, making it more satiating in the short term. However, that also means whey may not keep you full for as long as casein can.

In a study published in 2010 in the journal "Arquivos Brasileiros de Endocrinologia & Metabologia," normal-weight subjects who supplemented their diets with casein without attempting to cut calories ate less than subjects who supplemented with whey.

on 4/22/18 9:01 am
VSG on 06/01/14
Topic: RE: Keto?

At 4 years post op I found myself with a 35+ lb regain and facing the barrel of a scary health issue.

I jumped onto keto hardcore last November and have lost almost of the regain- with about 7 lbs to go.

I have no problems with it, in fact I feel great. I do drink an iced McDonald's coffee every day and still stay in ketosis. Right now I am deep into ketosis (I use a ketone meter) and have just jumped out of a 6 week stall with a 4 lb loss in the past 4 days.

There are a TON of great online resources, I really love youtube for recipes and ideas. I also use a lot of bariatric recipes that I found on this site and others, and just adapt them for my life. I have found substitutes for EVERYTHING. As part of keto I eat a small amount of berries every couple weeks and really look forward to that treat. Otherwise I eat salad every single day to get my veggies.

My all time favorite site for Keto is the SCIENCE of keto is found there, in addition to thousands of recipes, videos, movies, presentations, etc.

Let me know if you have any specific questions!

on 4/22/18 8:55 am
VSG on 06/01/14
Topic: RE: Gained some post VSG 4 years ago time for liquid diet!!!!

Doing a 'reset' is a decent way to get things going, especially to purge your system of all the sugar and carbs that might be present. However, you should follow a specific plan from a doc or a bariatric nut. Doing just a liquid fast for any amount of time is just a recipe for rebound. For many, the best option is to go back to a pre-op style of eating for a time.

I also regained 4 years post op got it together by doing just a few days of a 'reset' (shakes, jello, broth- all of the pre-op foods) then went strictly keto. in about 4 months I lost a 40 lb regain, have reversed a health issue and feel great. I would still like to lose another 25 to get to my actual goal weight (followed by my plastics work hopefully early next year).

on 4/22/18 1:16 am
Topic: Newbie Here

Obesity is a common issue that has affected people of all ages with sedentary lifestyle. I am Amy, my younger brother and I are going through the same. So I have joined this forum to share and learn other people experiences.

on 4/17/18 6:38 pm
Topic: Calcium citrate


I am pre-op. I have been looking around for the supplements that I will need post-op. I am having a hard time finding a 'chewable' calcium citrate supplement. I found a liquid version that had the appropriate mg. Does anyone know if the liquid form is effective?

on 4/13/18 3:41 am
VSG on 10/05/17
Topic: RE: Close to goal but lost on what to eat

I track everything and I do measure (I'm OCD at is common among those with high anxiety levels)

Normally I hit 80+ grams of protein.

B is usually an egg (although I'm a bit tired of them) and I like my egg scrambled well, and use Pecorrino cheese rather than salt. I may throw a bit of FF cheddar and salsa. And I try to add a healthy carb, like Mountain Sprout bread. I don't mind it 'naked' rather than using butter.

L is some kind of left-over; I love TheWorldAccordingtoEggFace recipes. I don't always follow the direction as I've been cooking over 40 years. I've found preparation of several meals at a time makes me feel more fed, and also less likely to make a least bad choice.

D is again a protein, try for a healthy vegetable

S is either 1 TB PB, or 8 almonds, or Oikos Triple Zero Yogurt. Or homemade 0 fat Greek yogurt dip with a corn tortilla (I bake these ahead with Pam in the oven -- not the same as a chip, but still good!)

I've never been good about liking to eat the same thing 2 days in a row; that said, our retired person budget means we try not to waste things. I use a small crockpot -- we've raised 6 kids and I cook better in volume, but our freezer is pretty full, and my lovely husband eats anything I give him!

HW: 240 Consult: 205 lbs SW: 199 lbs
1 MO = 166 lbs (-33 lbs) 2 MO = 157 lbs (-42 lbs)
3 MO = 149 lbs (-50 lbs) 4 MO = 138 lbs (-61 lbs)
5 MO = 133 lbs (-66 lbs) 5.5 MO = 130 lbs (-70 lbs) GOAL!!!!

6.5 MO = 126.6 lbs BMI 22.0

on 4/11/18 4:31 pm
VSG on 04/19/18
Topic: Finally found a shake I like!

I'm on pre-op liquid diet (8 days to go!!) and i just discovered Core Power Elite at the wegmans around the corner from my job. I bought both the vanilla and the chocolate and while I haven't tried the chocolate yet I LOVE the vanilla one. I've never had a protein shake taste so good before!! I usually like the plant based shakes more, I tried the Evolve mocha shake and a couple other organic plant based shakes that my nutritionist recommended that where far superior in taste to the milk based shakes I tried, including muscle milk (again the vanilla isn't horrid) and isopure coconut powder (I WILL NEVER PUT THIS PRODUCT IN MY MOUTH AGAIN!)

I'm looking for more suggestions like Core Power Elite and Evolve before i get into surgery, I know that fairlife makes a high protein Greek yogurt that I'm already looking forward to trying once I'm on soft foods again. Does anyone have any suggestions based on these taste profiles for some possible shakes for me to try? I prefer the pre-mades for simplicity but I have a blender and a blender bottle for powdered shakes when needed.

Core Power Elite stats: 14oz ~~240 Calories, 8g Sugar, 42g Protein, 2.5g Fat.

Evolve Mocha stats: 12oz ~~ 160 Calories, 5g Sugar, 20g Protein, 3g Fat.

on 4/10/18 6:50 am, edited 4/9/18 11:51 pm
Topic: RE: Gained some post VSG 4 years ago time for liquid diet!!!!

Do you want a quick loss that will come back,usually with more? Dear one. Diets make us fat. You know the answer is portion control since you have lost weight. I am so sorry for your loss but you know food won't help the pain. Start a good diary, clean house of all the crap. Weigh and measure. It might not help you loose real fast but it will get you back on track to a healthy life. Good luck, you can do it !

on 4/9/18 5:58 pm
Topic: RE: Keto?

sorry for the late reply. Im following strict Keto with calorie counting. I eat around 1200 to 1500 calories a day and try to stay under 21 grams of net carbs.

5'2 240 . Referral Feb 15th 2018 . Contact from hospital March 13th . Group info session April 23rd .

on 4/9/18 1:12 pm
Topic: Have you ever heard of a WLS patient having thiamine (B1) deficiency

I am reading an article from Bariatric Times that says as many as 49% of people who've had WLS have had bariatric thiamine deficiency. This can be a fatal condition and is often misdiagnosed as dehydration and other things -- that's because a thiamine deficiency is rare in the general population (meaning doctors never see it in their practice or ER so they do not recognize it). So I am thinking of the many WLS patients I've talked to over the years and do not know of any who've had bariatric thiamine deficiency. Has anyone come across this?

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