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Iron Supplements

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Type of product:Iron Supplements
Manufacturer name:Insight Pharmaceuticals Corp.
Number of reviews:5
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(NOTE: People's sense of taste often changes in the weeks right after bariatric surgery as they adjust to new dietary routines. This can influence the ratings on the “taste” scale below.)
Posted 07/11/13
“By shopping online, I've been able to find these very reasonable. My surgeon recommended this brand.. and it kept me from iron infusion as I was having a very difficult time with my iron. Because vitamin D aids in the absorption of iron... this fits the bill perfectly! Just remember.. must be taken 2 hrs before AND 2 hrs after any calcium supplement! ”

Taste Average     Price Good
Nutritional Value Excellent     Overall Value Excellent
Suitability for Postops Excellent     Cost $13-$18 for 60
Posted 02/17/11
“i had anemia...and these tabs after 2 months pulled me out so that i didnt have to have iron i HIGHLY recommend! i have stoma stenosis...very small opening, and they go down just fine. no i have found out there. ”
Posted 09/22/10
“If you can get past the horrible iron belches that come along with this product it is nutritionally sound. I was not able to get past the nastiness, however.”

Taste Poor     Price Average
Nutritional Value Good     Overall Value Average
Suitability for Postops Average     Cost $17 for 60
Posted 07/23/08
Christina B.
“Contains Ferrous Fumurate which is better absorbed (versus ferrous sulfate) -no taste at all..tablets are about the size of an Advil. Haven't been taking it too long but so far only minimal issues with constipation.”

Taste N/A     Price Average
Nutritional Value Excellent     Overall Value Good
Suitability for Postops Good     Cost
Posted 02/03/05
“Good source of Ferrous Fumerate Iron that my Dr. recommends that we take post-op. Easy to digest and no aftertaste. ”

Taste Excellent     Price Good
Nutritional Value Good     Overall Value Good
Suitability for Postops Good     Cost $10.99