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Coromega omega-3 fish oil supplement

Type of product:Liquid Vitamins
Manufacturer name:Coromega Co.
Number of reviews:5
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(NOTE: People's sense of taste often changes in the weeks right after bariatric surgery as they adjust to new dietary routines. This can influence the ratings on the “taste” scale below.)
Posted 08/10/11
Rachel Aldana Woolard
Taste Excellent     Price Excellent
Nutritional Value Excellent     Overall Value Excellent
Suitability for Postops Excellent     Cost
Posted 06/02/11
Tammy G.
“I was nauseated for hours after trying the Tropical Orange sample. Very fishy. I will find something else. Nasty.”

Taste Very Poor     Price Excellent
Nutritional Value Excellent     Overall Value Average
Suitability for Postops N/A     Cost 23.59 for 90 day supply
Posted 01/21/11
“Tastes terrible! I have to fight back vomit every time I take it”

Taste Very Poor     Price Average
Nutritional Value Excellent     Overall Value Poor
Suitability for Postops Poor     Cost $29.95 for 90 days
Posted 06/24/08
Elizabeth N.
“Now here is a product I could get excited about! Omega-3 fatty acid supplement in an emulsified and hopefully therefore more absorbable form, hurray! This is still an oil product, *not* a "dry" version, but by golly, the little bit of testing that's been done seems to show that more of the stuff gets absorbed than from those icky aftertasting fishy softgels. I taste tested the lemon lime flavor. Not pleasant, but consumable. I think when I get around to purchasing these I'll try the orange flavor instead. Since Omega-3's are so hard for DS'ers to get in adequate amounts, I think this product will be a worthwhile addition to my supplement regimen....when payday arrives :-). ”

Taste Average     Price Average
Nutritional Value Good     Overall Value Good
Suitability for Postops Good     Cost Free Sample
Posted 01/16/07
“This product tastes great, I tried both the orange and orange/chocolate. There are alot better values out there but so far i haven't found any liquids that I can tolerate the taste of (if anyone knows - please post) The oil capsules that most companies make - I am afraid they could get stuck plus I think an emulsifed type product is better absorbed.”

Taste Excellent     Price Average
Nutritional Value Average     Overall Value Average
Suitability for Postops Excellent     Cost