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Ideal Protein

Type of product:Weight Loss Programs
Number of reviews:2
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(NOTE: People's sense of taste often changes in the weeks right after bariatric surgery as they adjust to new dietary routines. This can influence the ratings on the “taste” scale below.)
Posted 04/17/11
“I started the Ideal Protein protocol in October of 2009. In 8 weeks I had lost 30 pounds and gone from a size 14 to a size 3. I was surprised that my muscle lose was minimal and when I went into the maintenance phase I actually gained more muscle mass than I had originally started with. I stayed in phase 1 for 7 weeks, phase 2 for 2 weeks, phase 3 for 2 weeks, and maintenance for life. You need approximately 3 Ideal Protein meals and 1 regualar meal per day in phase 1, 2 Ideal Protein meals and 2 real food meals in phase 2, and 1 Ideal Protein food in phase 3. Once you go into maintenance you are not required to eat Ideal Protein foods and you will learn how to combine foods to keep your body healthy and maintain your weight loss for life. The cost to live the rest of my life without the fear of gaining the weight or having the severe pain return in my knees and back is well worth the price of the diet. The weight loss in this program is a side effect. The main goal of the diet is to help you understand how your body responds to foods and help you understand alkaline/acidic balance. My husband is a physician and nutritionist and I am a personal trainer so believe me I tried everything to get the results I received from Ideal Protein.”

Taste Excellent     Price Excellent
Nutritional Value Excellent     Overall Value Excellent
Suitability for Postops N/A     Cost 4.00 per meal
Posted 09/29/09
“This is a great program with intense, quick, lasting results. Textured foods without that "diet" taste.”

Taste Good     Price Good
Nutritional Value Excellent     Overall Value Excellent
Suitability for Postops N/A     Cost approx. $100.00 per wk