What If You Have A Bowel Obstruction?

on 2/13/09 5:43 am - windsor, Canada
So what the heck are you suppose to do if you have a bowel obstruction after surgery? I know it happens, its rare but it does happen, from what I've read and heard a lot of doctors wont even touch you if they suspect it!
is there any doctors or specialist that do bowel obstructions in Ontario?  This is absolutely ridiculous that one of our fellow OH's had to go to a different Country to get proper care. This frustrates me, and frightens me!
on 2/13/09 5:48 am, edited 2/13/09 5:53 am - BROOKLIN, Canada
there are doctors in Toronto and the GTA who do bowel resections. Many are familiar with RNY because it has been around longer and is more common. The unfamiliar anatomy of the DS makes it a little more tricky to find a surgeon.There are surgeons in Toronto who do liver transplants, whipples for pancreatic cancer etc, all huge surgeries and could do a complicated bowel resection. I would definately head to one of the big downtown hospitals if I could. This is the piece that is missing in our care, while we get OOC approved, and OHIP pays for surgery, getting good emergency care takes work and persistance especially insisting that the WLS surgeon is contacted. Farther out of the city, like any access to any specialist it gets more difficult.

Bruce Jr.
on 2/13/09 5:52 am - Collingwood, Canada
 I'm currently working on getting the surgeons at Mt. Sinai Hospital who run the world renowned Irritable Bowel Disease surgical program to agree to become an Ontario emergency surgical  location for treating bowel obstructions in all WLS patients.
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Leigh-Ann M.
on 2/13/09 6:52 am - Caledon, Canada
My mother had surgery at Mt Sinai on her bowels and my family cannot say enough about her surgeons, the entire staff and the amazing care and kindness she received during her stay there.  They saved her life.

Having a program like the one they run on board to deal with complications would be fantastic.

Good luck!

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on 2/13/09 5:59 am - Ontario, Canada
Hi there, I am from Windsor and had a bowel obstruction last summer, 6 mos after my RNY stateside, I sat at Met hospital for 5 days before gettinga  ct scan, and once they gave me the scan they found the bowel obstruction, they did not want to touch me, they called the surgeon stateside that did my RNY and said they were sending me over there, because they referred me from Met to stateside it was 100% covered, I ended up staying stateside for 7 days, the bowels were twisted, all they did was open me up and un twist them, all has been fine since, thank god they didn't touch me here as the doc in the states said they would have started cutting and piecing them and they only needed to be untangled.

on 2/13/09 6:03 am - Mountain, Canada
RNY on 02/05/09 with
Kim if you don't mind sharing, I'm curious - - were you symptom free all those months and then suddenly got sick?  Did they tell you why this happened?  

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on 2/13/09 8:32 am - Ontario, Canada
Hi Mike, don't mind sharing at all, I was actually symptom free, I had my RNY 11/20/7 and had lost about 125 lbs by June 08, I started with pain in my right side, went to the clinic they thought gall bladder, said go to emerg, went to emerg they said come back in morning for gallbladder scan, next morning (Friday) I had the scan and they weren't sure, said go see a surgeon on Monday, so went home Sat and Sun curled in a ball in pain, surgeon on Monday admitted me, laid there till ct scan on Friday and then surgeon came up within 1 hour of scan and said they were sending me stateside, could go by ambulance or with hubby, but had to go straight from hosp to hosp no stops.  Got stateside Sat am and had emerg surgery within 2 hours of getting there.  They are not sure what caused the tangle, but think it may have been the scopes when they did my RNY as I was the first person they used this new scope on, where they didn't pump me up with gas.  I am fine now, get very nervous when I get a stomach pain, but it's anxiety, not upset with my surgeon that did the RNY as he is the one that saved me from the obstruction, he said had I waited 2 more days in Windsor hospital I would have went septic and died. 

on 2/13/09 8:58 am - Mountain, Canada
RNY on 02/05/09 with
Sorry to pry but thank you for the info Kim.  One of my fears in terms of complications of any of these surgeries has always been having large incisions.  So I feel I got off very easily, in a sense, with my RNY, and am so hopeful the sailing will be smooth from here on.  I will be sticking like glue to my dietary instructions hoping to avoid complications.  I'm so lucky in that I didn't have anything but a Tylenol since day 2, never had a second of nausea, no vomiting yet (still on clear fluids), etc.  So I keep thinking that surely it can't be this easy - I guess that's my skeptical side showing thru! 

Thank you again Kim,

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And to make an end is to make a beginning.
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on 2/13/09 6:01 am - Mountain, Canada
RNY on 02/05/09 with
Bowel surgery is very common in hospitals across Ontario (and Canada) for all sorts of reasons.  I suspect the issue must rest largely with fear on the part of surgeons to mess around with bowels post WLS.  

I know in my case that Dr. Graber has said he has developed relationships with MDs here in Ottawa as a result of a number of Ottawa-area people being referred to him thru the Wt. Mgmt Clinic.  So while he prefers to have patients come back to him if possible when there are complications (no charge), if things are more emergent he is willing/able to talk thru procedures with MDs here.  

It's so unfortunate that our fellow list mate got such a completely ridiculous run-around! Craziness.

For last year's words belong to last year's language.
And next year's words await another voice.
And to make an end is to make a beginning.
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on 2/13/09 6:21 am - Canada
Southeastern Ontario WLS patients could always head to Montreal in an emergency, only a couple of hours away, and present at the ER of Royal Victoria Hospital  as they speak English there, (not so much in Laval which is further away anyway), and ask for Dr. Christou or Dr. Court, and get expert Bariatric specialist care post op surgery or intervention in case of stricture, fistula  or bowel obstruction...OHIP would have to pay as emergency treatment, but out of province...just like if you were in Montreal and had an attack of appendicitis and needed surgery or a visit to a Montreal hospital...
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