Low Iron Help and Euro-Fer

on 4/23/09 6:28 am - Drumbo, Canada
Hi All

My iron is really low, I have been taking liquid iron for a month and its still low. The pharmacist recommended Euro-Fur 300mg capsules. Has anyone taken these and are we ok to take this?

Thanks for your advice


on 4/23/09 6:44 am - Windsor, Canada

I am currently taking 300 mg euro-fer that my doctor prescribed for me to increase my iron. They are fine to take.

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on 4/23/09 8:04 am - Drumbo, Canada
Thanks Gina

I will take one tonight. The pharmacist said to take it woth orange juice. My iron was at 8 and my GP wants it higher. Can you get these prescribed? I bought mine today, but see my doc on Tuesday, so will ask him


on 4/23/09 8:13 am - Windsor, Canada
My doc wrote out the prescription and I sent my bf out to get it for me lol but I do believe it wasn't covered and we had to pay.
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on 1/24/16 8:43 pm

Same here, my doctor wrote out a script but us too, not covered by insurance, so the pharmacist recommended Euro-Fer for my low Iron count.  Been taking it for a week now.  Doc said it may cause constipation but the opposite has happened (sorry for being rude :( ).  I'll find out next blood work if it's helping with my low numbers


on 4/23/09 9:57 am - Canada
Hi Caroline

Am I reading correctly 8 for your hemoglobin that is beyond low! WOW!

It took me 8 months to have my iron levels come back into the normal range but I am taking 600  mg of iron a day - it ferrous fumerate - Palafer - I ask for it behind the counter at shoppers.

The lowest mine got after blood loss after surgery was in the 30's and I am finally up to 130 my dr would like to see me at 140 as I have heavy periods since WLS surgery in June 08.

I saw a hematologist for my low iron- he said I had 3 months to get it to 100 and I was almost 4 months getting it there but I did with the 600 mg each day - he said if I wasnt able to get it up we would be switching to the IV iron infussions.

Did your dr or pharmacist tell you to take your iron at nighttime on an empty stomach with vitamin c- the hematologist told me that was the best time - I take my palafer 2 capsules which is the 600 mg at night with 1000 mg vitamin C- the recommended dose of vitamin C is not that high but my system has generally been run down since surgery so I am trying to keep ahead of the game.

Caroline good luck with everything - low iron/anemia takes it toll - I had the energy of a sloth - look after yourself.


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Chris D.
on 4/23/09 10:29 am - Ottawa, Canada
RNY on 11/21/08 with
Mine was a little low and my surgeon said to take 300mg a day of Euro-Fer.  You get it behind the counter at Shopper's.  I paid $7.99 for a month's supply.
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Pixie Dusting
on 4/23/09 12:03 pm - Vaughan, Canada
Hi Caroline,

I've been taking them the last 2 months, the pharmacist recommended them.

Ida Jo

on 4/23/09 12:20 pm - Drumbo, Canada
Hi Deb

Would it be ok to take 600mg of Euro-Fur, or should I see my GP on Tuesday firsr?
I took one tonight with a small glass of orange juice, but a Vit c pill sounds better!!

Thanks for everyones help


on 4/23/09 1:07 pm - Canada


Talk to the pharmacist about the increase.... I had a hard time adjusting to the 600 mg it took a while for me to counter balance it with enough fibre - I am not a professional I just can not believe that a dr would think with RNY you could possibly absorb enough iron when your level is so low. Are you feeling really tired and run down ? 

Good luck

        STARTING 2010 WITH A BANG! 160 LBS LOST!

    WLS JOURNEY: HW-292/SW-273/CW-132-GOAL 125LBS
        WHO WOULD HAVE THUNK IT - ME - 132 LBS ! omg
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