Iron Suppliment that doesn't cause constipaton?????

Debbie G.
on 10/1/09 11:36 pm - Toledo, Canada
RNY on 08/14/09 with
Does anyone know of an Iron supplement that won't cause constipation? I am having a rally hard time with constipation (sorry couldn't resist)

My iron is low and my doctor has told me to up my iron to 2X a day. At this rate I may never 'go' again!!

Does anyone know of a good supplement that has fewer side effects?

on 10/1/09 11:54 pm - London , Canada
I use the chewable iron from Bariatric Advantage (has 68mg of iron). This formula has a built in Citric acid for better absorption and to help with constipation. I never had any issues, my bowl movements are normal and regular with no constipation, I take two/day. On top of all it tasts really good (lime flavoured) with no after metal taste.
You can order them online for $38 for 90 pills, but if you order a bigger container (270 pills) the price is so reasonable.
Check it out, see if it applies to you
If you have issues with constipation, you may want to introduce fibers to your daily supplements, like Benefiber, you can get it off the shelf from any health store or drug store

Good luck
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Debbie G.
on 10/2/09 12:13 am - Toledo, Canada
RNY on 08/14/09 with
Thanks Maggie,
Those are the type I take now, but I have the grape flavored - YUMMY! But I know from past experience that iron binds me up!

I have been adding Benefiber to my shake each morning and I make sure I get at least 64oz of water a day. I don't eat much in the way of veggies, yet.

I am not sure what else to do???

on 10/2/09 12:54 am - St. Thomas, Canada

After my last blood tests my doctor told me that I was anemic and put me on Palafer.  You can buy it over the counter as they told me it was cheaper than going through my drug plan because of the dispensing fee.  Anyway I have not had constipation but I do now have dark stools which is a side effect of any iron supplement.  You could talk to your pharmacist or doctor about it and see if it works for you.

on 10/2/09 1:51 am
As a Blood Conservation Specialist I like to recommend Proferrin or Feramax.  Both are digested lower in the digestive tract than most traditional irons, and a numbe rof the digestive tract symptoms such as constipation and heart burn can be avaoided.  Additionally they are uneffected by H2 inhibitors (Nexium, losec, ranitidine, pariet etc).  FeraMax is available over the counter 150 mg elemental iron almost completely taken up has to be ordered in from the supplier Bioseyent (walmart and "cringe" Shopper's Drug Mart are very good at getting access to it) Proferrin is derived from bovine blood so if you are vegetarian or have relifious objections to blood and blood product this is not an option.  It is also available over the counter but is sometimes covered by extended health drug plans if a prescription is given.

Hope this helps.

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Bonnie ABC
on 10/2/09 2:24 am - Smiths Falls, Canada
RNY on 09/16/08 with
Gentle Iron is non-constipating and it works.  My Iron was low at surgery, low at three months, but here at a year I don't need to take it anymore, at least I was told that.. but I still do, don't want to have to fight uphill to get it normal again.   It can be found at:

The Mustard Seed in Watertown
Peter's Cornicopia in New Hartford. .htm
$20 for a 180 capsule bottle.


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on 10/2/09 4:00 am - Ottawa, Canada
RNY on 06/02/09 with
I had low iron after my surgery too and am using Slow-Fe (it's over the counter at the pharmacy) and it's a slow release tablet.
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on 10/2/09 5:35 am - Cornwall, Canada
RNY on 12/16/08 with
My iron was also low and they put me on 1 a day I get it at Wal-Mart or Shoppers by Jamieson on the bottle its written 35mg Elemental Iron timed release I think there around 10.00 for 60caplets.
My last app., with my family Dr. she told me it was in a good range so guess its working ok , its not affecting my bowls but I have other meds that do so I take three senokot before going to bed at night and I go first thing in the morning. Hope this helps ....

Take care, Lise
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