Tylenol 5 days before surgery???

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on 5/14/10 11:08 pm - Newmarket, Canada
Hi Everyone,

Aunt flow arrived yesturday and the pain is bad - is it okay to take tylenol just before surgery. I read through my booklet and it dosent say anything about not taking tylenol just before, just want to be sure.
All my best in your journey!

on 5/14/10 11:29 pm - Windham Centre, Canada
I was not told to tylenol prior to surgery but I know some are different.

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on 5/14/10 11:38 pm - Newmarket, Canada
Thank you for your response - I am trying to survive without any. Its gonna be tough...I dont want to jeapordize my surgery date. On wed they took my blood to ensure that I am not taking things that could thin my blood and such...I am not familiar with tylenol...always been an advil girl, does tylenol thin the blood
All my best in your journey!

on 5/14/10 11:56 pm - Canada
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What I was told is tylenol okay, advil not. But maybe someone post op can answer this better?

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on 5/14/10 11:57 pm
 I'm not sure but think it's ok.  I'll post on FB .  
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on 5/15/10 12:02 am - Newmarket, Canada
Thank you Jan, I read your wall - thank you Lisa for your response!
All my best in your journey!

Jennifer H.
on 5/14/10 11:59 pm - Sudbury, Canada

My surgeon said tylenol was OKAY it does not thin the blood like Ibuprofen and Aspirin.

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on 5/15/10 12:02 am - Cambridge, Canada
 Personally I didn't take anything in the two weeks before surgery - just paranoia. ;0)  I had my period as well in that time frame.

Try some of the tried and true remedies of our fore-mothers, before there was tylenol!  Ho****er bottle, hot bath or shower...
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on 5/15/10 12:05 am - Newmarket, Canada
Hi Ericia,

Thank you for your response, I am going to go looking for my heating pad...I know its here at the cottage..just where I put it is the question.
All my best in your journey!

on 5/15/10 6:12 am - Mountain, Canada
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Can't imagine why it would be an issue - it is not an NSAID and has no impact on blood, etc.  Some docs (like mine) give Tylenol in the morning immediately pre-op to start the pain-killing process.  I wouldn't worry about taking a couple of T's if it was me.  Hope U R ok.

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