My urine smells like the food I ate a few hours back

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on 9/29/10 3:38 am - Newmarket, Canada
Is this normal, is this ketotisis sympton?
All my best in your journey!

on 9/29/10 3:52 am
normal for me I am sure others will pipe in
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on 9/29/10 3:59 am - Ottawa, Canada
I'm not going to ask how you found out as long as you don't ask me to confirm.
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on 9/29/10 4:07 am - Newmarket, Canada
LMAO, I promise I did not shove my face in the toilet.

Its a strong smell, as soon as it comes out O ya.. I had chicken for lunch didnt I.

All my best in your journey!

on 9/29/10 4:10 am - Ottawa, Canada

I'm just sayin', the mental image alone is enough. I'm easily amused!

on 9/29/10 4:08 am - Windsor, Canada
I was told this was the case when I started with the NUT...

yup I guess it's normal.....

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Yummy recipies to try.....  
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on 9/29/10 4:11 am
Eat shrimp.
Tracey 112205
on 9/29/10 4:12 am - Bumfuknowhere, Canada
Strong smelling urine is usually a sign that you are dehydrated.  I've never had my urine smell like food other than onions and garlic.  They seem to just make the whole body smell.
on 9/29/10 5:37 am - brantford, Canada
 Hi Carrie i get that when my urine smells like what i ate a few hours back.i was told it could be cause because i have not drank enough water i was dehydrated.i hope that this problem goes away.if you are concerned about i would ask your surgeon about it.all the best of luck to you in your journey.
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on 9/29/10 5:59 am
Carrie, your urine will strong smell and your breath will be stinky (no nice way to say it lol) when your in ketosis.
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