varicose veins

on 3/18/11 9:10 pm
RNY on 06/26/12
Hey folks!

Does losing a good deal of weight post-op help with varicose veins?
on 3/18/11 10:39 pm - Kitchener, Canada
Nope, not for me unfortunately. I only have a couple but they're still there....
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Monica M.
on 3/18/11 10:45 pm - Penetanguishene, Canada
well, here's my opinion, and i'm just thinking out loud here. Less weight would likely put less sterss on your legs, so therefore making them less painful.

on 3/18/11 11:04 pm, edited 3/18/11 11:06 pm - Kitchener, Canada
Definitely makes sense...lucky for me, mine have never been painful or even hurt, and my understanding is that once you have them, they never go away on their own.

ETA: btw...Monica, I love your new avatar!
Cheryl D. is my 
on 3/18/11 11:19 pm
I have several, my legs look like I must be about 90 and they have never hurt. Losing weight will not make them go away unfortunately. That'll be the first surgery I have to strip those suckers out, they are too big to just do in a clinic, they'll have to be surgically removed.


on 3/19/11 12:47 am - Canada
My mom had hers 'stripped' years and years ago, and when she went back in just last year they told her they don't do that anymore. Now she goes into the office and gets injections.. lots of them and then has to wear a tight wrap on her leg for a few days but it's working and she had some pretty darn long big bumply ones.
I have mostly spider veins but they are noticeable.
on 3/19/11 8:23 am
Is what your mom doing covered by OHIP? I know that the spider vein therapy was the injections but I didn't think that they did the really big veins that way.


Diminishing Dawn
on 3/19/11 9:07 am - Windsor, Canada
Unfortunately between my varicose veins and my bruises from floor hockey, my legs have more purple veins than a road map of Ontario.

I'll survive though. They never hurt if that is a consolation.


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on 3/19/11 11:11 am
Just checking out a local clinic that does the injections and OHIP will cover if the veins are greater than 5mm which I have so that is good to know. Just FYI if anyone else is interested. I knew you could go to a clinic and have the spider veins done by injection but I had no idea they would do the big ones. Thanks so much for starting this thread!


on 3/19/11 11:55 am - Canada
Yes the procedures were covered by OHIP she has to keep going back for a while and it's for the bigger veins not the spider ones.
Oh I just read it looks like you know that already LOL
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