Stricture - HOW do they fix one?

on 3/18/11 1:46 am - Canada
I'm pre-op (3 weeks out) and a little nervous about a lot of things.
One thing I'm wondering is - when are they sure it's a stricture, and what do you have to go through before they agree that's what your problem is?
And then - how exactly do they repair it? Is it like an elastic band and they have to stretch it?
Do they actually cut the stoma and re-sew it?
Diminishing Dawn
on 3/18/11 2:45 am - Windsor, Canada
Strictures are one of the most common complications of surgery and really aren't that bad. 

To check for a stricture, your doctor will perform a procedure called an endoscopy. A thin, flexible tube with a camera on it is passed down your throat into your stomach. You will be sedated for the procedure, so it  won't be uncomfortable. You may have a sore throat afterwards.

If you do have a stricture, your doctor will dilate the opening. He or she will do that while doing the endoscopy. Sometimes one procedure is all it takes.  The main thing is to get it treated before any dehydration or vitamin deficiencies result from it.  It takes something like 20 minutes and is only a procedure, not a second surgery or anything.


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on 3/18/11 3:20 am - Toronto, Canada
yup, Dawn has described it perfectly.  I had a stricture early out, which was pretty miserable (a whole lot of pain and throwing up).   It had to be fixed twice, but the procedure was a breeze and it hasn't come back.  I literally went to sleep and woke up a few minutes later with it fixed.  Felt better immediately.

They inflate a little balloon to stretch the stoma back to 12mm in diameter. 
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on 3/18/11 9:12 am - Canada
The way of "fixing" strictures has been described perfectly here already.  I had two, alas --- but I believe less than 10% of patients have strictures.   Although the first 5 months weren't really easy, I consider the strictures (now almost a year after my surgery) a minor blip in the process.  Would I do the surgery again?   You bet!  In a minute!
(deactivated member)
on 3/18/11 3:54 pm
I'm glad to hear that strictures aren't that common of an occurance. I hear the term strictures being thrown around so often here that it has me nervous that it's an inevitability. The idea of having a tube down my throat which stretches out my hole sounds pretty horrifying to me.
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