What do you take for constipation?

on 4/28/11 5:08 am - Canada
Sorry for the topic but I guess it happens to everyone..lol

What do you take or recommend?

on 4/28/11 5:15 am - Orillia, Canada
Oh Michelle;

I am the QUEEN of constipation!!! I am on pain meds for my back and this has made an already constipating time even worse.

I have tried everything (and spent a fortune). I found out the hard way that as desperate as you are, trying too many things can make it worse. I started off with stool softners (Soflax) and usually they do the trick. No go (pun intended). After three weeks of pain, switching to different products every three days and feeling just horrible I went to my family doctor. I am now taking Lactulose and low and behold it worked. Took a day or two, but man what a relief. You can buy it at the pharmacy behind the counter, but you my want to check with your doctor first.


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on 4/28/11 5:31 am - Canada

At TWH they recommend a stool softener for 4 weeks post op, but once this ended I found myself in trouble.  Again, through the hospital they recommended: 1) make sure you get as much water in as you can (stool softeners can actually make the problem worse by absorbing what little water you have and then becoming hard too if you are not drinking enough; 2) Senacot laxative (start with 1/2 a dose [2 pills / day], wait a day, try again, then increase to a full dose if you need to).  I was lucky, I did this for maybe two weeks, and then my system settled down.  The water really makes a a big difference, and I am now trying to eat my carbs as whole grains (wheat berries / quinoa / lentils) which adds good fiber.  See what your medical team says, and good luck.  It's tough.  Claire

on 4/28/11 8:25 am - Newmarket, Canada
Restoralax works well.. just add it to ANY drink, hot or cold... Soflax is also good

Hope things improve :D
on 4/28/11 10:39 am - Thunder Bay, Canada
RNY on 03/17/10 with
 For occasional constipation I was using milk of magnesia which always worked well, usually with one dose.  But after starting iron supplements my constipation became quite a problem.  I haven't tried lactulose because I was a little afraid of the sugar content.  My doctor put me on restoralax (which is the same as lax-a-day or miralax) and I take that daily now...and have for about 3 months.  I also use dulcolax occasionally when things still become too backed up.  That seems to be working for me now.
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Leslie W.
on 4/28/11 10:58 am - Cobourg, Canada
Lactulose works well but can be a little sweet tasting. You can also try Lax A Day. It is a tasteless powder that you put in water. It does not taste or thicken so you can sip at your leisure. It is non prescription as well.  Colace or Soflax (stool softners) are really not worth it though it does come in horrible tasting liquid.
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on 4/28/11 12:14 pm - St Thomas, Canada
Lax A Day or Restoralax work great. I saw a GI doc and that is what he recommended along with lots of water and regular exercise.
I started with 2 doses per day for the first week. At the end of the week the instructions were to add a dose if I was still having issues and subtract a dose if it was working too well. I now take it once per day. This is safe to take long term too.


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on 4/28/11 3:12 pm
 Adding FLaxseed oil to your diet helps in the long run.  If your lacking fiber many surgeons suggest Benefiber
on 4/28/11 8:38 pm - BARRIE, Canada

To keep things going well longterm, I highly recommend probiotics...I am not the same without them!!

I thought they were hockus pockus until I ran out...then I realized just how much they help!!

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Cheryl D.
on 4/29/11 3:16 pm, edited 4/29/11 3:16 pm - Toronto, Canada
I agree 100%.  Both my husband and myself now take Pro Biotics daily and it keeps both of us as regular as clockwork.  After surgery and pre-Pro Biotics I had an ongoing problem with constipation.  Not anymore!!  I totally recommend this to anyone who may have regularity issues.  Once you get going (Milk of Magnesia works for me) the Pro  Biotics keep you super regular.  My husband and myself would not do withiout them now.  

We use Jamison Advanced Four Strain Probiotics.  They come in a container of 60 capsules.   They can get a bit pricey at $19 - $24 per 60 but if you stock up during sales, you can often find them on half price at Rexall Pharmacy.

Hope this is helpful,

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