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Intestines twisting or rotting

on 2/16/12 6:32 am - Canada
Anyone ever hear of someone post surgery having their intestines rot from inside..........I was at work yesterday and someone told me their friend had bariatric in august and they had to have surgery cause their intestines were dead!!!!! sorry not to be negative just really freaked me out - anyone have any thoughts or know anything about this - supposedly this person was a heavy surgery!
any feedback thanks
on 2/16/12 6:41 am - Newmarket, Canada
They had their surgery in August and the intestine's "rotted" due to heavy drinking after RNY???

This is the first I have heard about something like this! There HAD to be an underlying issue. A previous issue... This just sounds like your co-worker trying to scare you out of having surgery.
MANY of us are living proof that this surgery works. Some people may unfortunately have some complications but hopefully can get them resolved. We DO have awesome drs out there! They don't want us to not succeed and they want us to be healthy!

Are you planning on being a heavy drinker after your surgery?
on 2/16/12 6:46 am - Canada
I really agree with what you are saying....It just freaked me out cause they kept telling me it was because of the surgery, i responded that I never heard of this. I do not drink or smoke never have........just wanted to know if anyone had feedback, I will continue focusing on the positive and not the negative. Thanks for your thoughts and support
Started my optifast and first two days were really hard had some difficult withdrawls but today i am 75% better.....take care

p.s. when did you have your surgery>
on 2/16/12 6:53 am - Newmarket, Canada
That's what we definitely NEED to do when people start talking negatively- focus on the positive!

People will come up with ALL kinds of bad things to say, those are the people that have no idea what they are talking about. They haven't done their research like we have. I went thru the same thing, people telling me horror stories about RNY, I knew they never researched anything and eventually told them to shove it and they didn't bother me again about it.

You can do it! The hardest part is the first few days.

I had my surgery sept 2010.
I have lost 101% of my excess weight= 120ish lbs lost (I float between 122- 126)
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on 2/16/12 6:46 am - Canada
Ive heard of cases of intestines twisting but never rotting. Even when you go through the classes and they list the risks, that's never been one of them. Twisted intestines is but they've never mentioned rotting intestines.

I agree with Leanne that it sounds like this person is just trying to scare you out of surgery.
on 2/16/12 6:48 am - Canada
You are talking about an intusception. I may have spelled that wrong.
It's where the bowel loops in on itself, as it moves.
I had what is called an Ileus, that is related to the intussception. sorders/acute_abdomen_and_surgical_gastroenterology/ ml

Basically, our bowels have been reconstructed (not entirely - just portions).
When they become much more (or much less) active as we adapt to our changed intake and activity, they move differently. Not just in the sense of expediting the material THROUGH them ,but also move differently within our bellies. They can move a lot less or a lot more than before, and all those loops can twist around themselves. Just like when you have a bunch of necklaces in a drawer and they all get tangled.

Do a search on Bowel Obstruction on ObesityHelp's main page - you will find more information on there.

And "rotting' is probably not the way to describe the process when the tissue gets cut off from its blood supply and necrotizes. That's a very graphic word, and probably more fear-instilling than anything else.
Diminishing Dawn
on 2/16/12 6:48 am - Windsor, Canada
 Realistically any time you have any surgery and things are rearranged, scar tissue can build up and things can twist aroun did in the abdominal cavity.    It can happen after any surgery where stuff was taken out and out back.  Is it common? No.  Could it happen? Yes.   Could you have an appendix that Bursts? Could you develop pneumonia after not treating an infection? Could you get a small cut in your finger that gets so infected that you require amputation?  Stuff happens and occasionally someone has a nasty complication for a simple medical issue.  It is not the norm.  We're going in the probability.  


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Karen M.
on 2/16/12 7:03 am - Mississauga, Canada
I believe that's what they call "necrosis" - the death of cells, a portion of tissue, or a portion of an organ due to permanent damage of some sort, such as a lack of oxygen supply to the tissues.

It can happen and does happen occasionally. There is a regular poster on the RNY board who had it happen to her.



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on 2/16/12 7:12 am - Canada
They seriously need to include that in their "risks of surgery" sections when they give the classes.  And they need to tell people what the warning signs are of that or what the symptoms are.  People need to be informed! 
Karen M.
on 2/16/12 7:19 am - Mississauga, Canada
It can happen during any surgery - I've heard it happening with plastic surgery too.



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Diminishing Dawn
on 2/16/12 10:15 am - Windsor, Canada
 They do mention bowel obstructions

8+ Years Post Op RNY.  Read about my first year here or My LongTimer blog.  Tummy Tuck with Dr. Matic in October 2014 -Ohip funded panni   Ask me about the Windsor WLS Support Group****     I love to answer questions!

To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children... to leave the world a better know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded." *~Ralph Waldo Emerson~*

on 2/16/12 11:37 am
Ummm, I remember a discussion of all the surgery risks and this was on the list.  It is on a page of the big booklet we receive in Ottawa pre-surgery.  The surgeon used the two pages to go over the risks and he also put the risks in percentage due to any medical conditions or age bracket that I am in.

I do not have the booklet with me right now to provide the actual wording used.

on 2/16/12 8:57 am - Thunder Bay, Canada
RNY on 03/17/10 with
If you have a blockage in your bowels (due to twisting of the bowels or sometimes intussusception) it can cause reduced blood flow to the bowels which will then cause them to become necrotic and die and that portion of the bowel will then need to be removed.  This isn't caused by gastric surgery but I have heard of people who lose a large amount of weight and then have their bowels block due to twisting etc.  I think possibly because there is now more room for them to move around in.

I don't believe that this is related to any drinking or anything else you might ingest.  The necrosis doesn't start have to have a reduced blood flow for some time for it to be deemed necrotic which would necessitate removal of that portion of bowel.  However if you ever have any unexplained pain, especially with constipation or distension, etc it is always best to have it checked out.  Better to be safe than sorry.
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on 2/16/12 10:17 am - Hamilton, Canada
One of the men that used to come to the support groups I went to, had a blood clot that travelled to his intestine that ended up causing necrosis of part of the intestine.  They had to go in and remove the "dead" portion of his intestine (it was a large portion, around 3 feet if I remember correctly.)

He had a further complication a short time later and they thought it might be another clot in his intestine and if that was the case and they had to remove even more intestine he said the Surgeon told him they would have to reverse his RNY as he would have lost too much intestine.

I do believe they opened him up again and didn't find anything further wrong and he eventually got better.  

With this surgery as with any other type of surgery there are risks and we should educate ourselves on the possible complications that can arise.  There is no need to dwell on the negative and freak yourself out but you should be aware of what can go wrong and what the warning signs are.

Thanks to OH, I knew when I had a gall bladder problem and was able to get it dealt with promptly. More recently I developed an ulcer and myself and my Dr were able to quickly determine what it was and how to treat it, thanks to the numerous posts on OH.
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on 2/16/12 11:09 am - Canada
Thanks GD6 i appreciate your feedback. I know that with all surgeries there is complications and I know that this is what I need to do in order to be healthy again and enjoy life to the best I can. take