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on 4/3/12 11:18 pm
 Hi, I have been to the info session already and will be getting my list of appointments end of April, just wondering how long the process take until you get your surgery date? 

It will be at Humber River Regional Hospital.

Any info is great,

Brenda T.
on 4/3/12 11:22 pm - Oshawa, Canada
RNY on 05/14/12
Congrats on your orientation. I didn't go thru Humber so I have no idea about their time line. All the best.

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Monica M.
on 4/3/12 11:23 pm - Penetanguishene, Canada
likely less than a year, 6 - 8 months, depending on what appointments you have.
on 4/3/12 11:23 pm - Brussels, Canada
RNY on 05/30/12
 my timeline is in my signature, hope it helps
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on 4/4/12 12:16 am
Thank you so much for the feedback, apparently HRRH said that after you get your appointments that it takes 2-3 months for surgery date, but i was very skeptical considering it took my friend over a year.

Looks like it didnt take long at all for you either.

I am very anxious to get this process going :)
on 4/4/12 4:16 am - Canada
I attended my info session in March 2011.  I have done dietician apt, RN, Psychologist and am still waiting.  My next dietician apt is tomorrow and then after that I'm not sure what comes next.
It is definately not a fast process although I think some people may get pushed through quicker if they have health issues on top of obesity but not sure about that.

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