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on 4/11/12 10:29 am
Hi Everyone!

I'm Chris (woman) and I've been reading this very informative and caring forum for the last few months.  I guess I took a long time to post because I didn't really believe that I would come this far and would be eligible for the surgery.  I didn't want to jinx myself!  But, I had my surgical class in Windsor on April 5 and was told my file would be sent to Toronto Western hospital.  The nurse said I should get a call from them in about a month.  I hope so!  Once you've made the decision to have WLS, it's so hard to wait for it!
on 4/11/12 10:52 am
 Welcome Chris.  Yes the wait seems long, but it is worth it!

on 4/11/12 10:57 am
Welcome Chris!I'm Yvonne.

This is a great place to be. Keep posting!


on 4/11/12 11:05 am
 Welcome Chris! Hopefully you won't have to wait too long!
Katie  ♥     
Diminishing Dawn
on 4/11/12 11:07 am - Windsor, Canada
 Welcome ! Lots of nice people here:-).  This is a great place to read, learn and make friends.


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on 4/11/12 12:24 pm - Trenton, ON, Canada
RNY on 05/02/12
Hi and Welcome.  The waiting is so hard, but it gives us time to force the healthy changes into our lives and to wrap our heads around these changes and more. I hope the time flies by for you.
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Hanneli xoxo
on 4/11/12 12:30 pm - Sudbury, Canada
RNY on 10/30/12
Hi and welcome!

on 4/11/12 1:10 pm - Meaford, Canada
RNY on 12/06/12
 Hi Chris!  Welcome!  The wait is very hard but I find reading this forum helps a lot.  


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on 4/11/12 1:33 pm - Ottawa ON, Canada
Welcome aboard!
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on 4/11/12 1:57 pm - toronto, Canada
Welcome  to  the board.  It is a great place to meet people and find out more about the surgery and new lifestyle.  Do you mind if we just call you  Chris? 

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