Lump in throat after eating/drinking

Tracey H.
on 6/20/12 10:10 am - Tecumseh, Canada
RNY on 05/30/12
Has anyone else experienced a feeling of a "lump" (not sure how else to describe the feeling) in their throat after eating or drinking?  

I'm not sure if it's what I'm eating, eating too fast or maybe a little too much?  


(deactivated member)
on 6/20/12 12:01 pm - Straford, Canada
 I had that feeling and it slowly subsided, but now its back.  My guess about mine is the tubing they put down my throat while on anathesia, as I just had another round of general Wednesday.  Yours might be different, I think mine was from being tubed.  Ian  
on 6/20/12 12:45 pm - Harriston , Canada
Tracey are you post op? How long
Jason W.
on 6/20/12 8:11 pm - Canada
I get that when I eat or drink too fast. I also get it from solid foods, from which I've learned to chew to a mince.

I think one of the biggest challenges from the surgery is the eating part. My pouch doesn't let me know I am full until it's too late. I have to watch my food amounts closely and make sure it is not more than a cup. If it is soup or something liquidy, I can do 1 1/2 cups.

Solid meats right now are about 1/2 cup and I take a bite, put my fork down, chew and swallow in stages. Time consuming and tedious, but if I don't it won't sit well.

The pouch has a mind of it's own and it will seem like at times it will own you. It will get better as I am told. I hope so, my BBQ is collecting dust.....
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on 6/20/12 9:44 pm - St. Williams, Canada
VSG on 05/02/12
 Jason - you can eat BBQ - I had my surgery May 2 and have been having BBQ since the meat stage.  Go forward my friend - just don't overcook....

Tracey H.
on 6/21/12 5:54 am - Tecumseh, Canada
RNY on 05/30/12
 Thank-you everyone! I agree Jason, I believe that it's a sign that i've eaten too much or too fast.

Arggggg all these little messages that our pouches are telling us - it's sometimes so hard to figure out!

on 6/21/12 1:14 pm - Harriston, Canada
I had this feeling quite often after surgery and Guelph center told me I needed to go on a PPI for a few months to avoid ulcers.  Just a thought to check out with your center.

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