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Awe man! I can't believe they took the bookmarks away!

on 8/2/12 6:52 pm
 Now we have to click like 5-6 times to get to a specific place instead of once on my I don't even remember the steps to get to the recipe section, and 4 other bookmarks that I

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Kim O.
on 8/2/12 7:08 pm - Windsor, Canada
I'm with you Nathalie. I don't like the changes either.
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on 8/2/12 7:16 pm - Ottawa, Canada
ewww I don't like this much either. I bookmarked the Ontario forum in Internet Explorer, it seems to work.


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on 8/2/12 7:29 pm - Hamilton, Canada
 Holy Moly !!!!!!! 

I thought I was on the wrong site or something was wrong with mt computer.

Why ?, this is crazy. Now i gotta do this and that.

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Susan B.
on 8/2/12 9:36 pm - Canada
RNY on 02/17/12
whew ~~ok so its not just me.  I thought I was having a out of body experience as I knew something was amiss but could not put my finger on it.

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on 8/3/12 12:02 am - Toronto, Canada
RNY on 08/20/12
Yup with you on this one ...I had a ton of info saved in the book mark and it really sucks that we weren't even worned so we could print it out 

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on 8/3/12 2:58 am - Canada
VSG on 06/06/12
I'm with you on this!!!!   REALLY P's me off that I have lost a LOT of valuable info...GRRRR

on 8/3/12 3:47 am - Arnprior, Canada
 I'm not liking the changes either. They could have given us some warning.  I had a few sites bookemarked too.  I haven't e-mailed yet, but if you look at the   Topic: Minor Updates to OH - Thanks for your feedback thread, they say you can e-mail them and they'll help download the bookmarks.

on 8/3/12 5:15 am
Oh **** I didn't realize that. I had so much good stuff saved.
They should have let us know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tracey 112205
on 8/3/12 5:20 am - Bumfuknowhere, Canada
I hate the bookmarks being gone too.  It was so easy to use to save threads and other places on OH we visit. 

Nathalie, if you go up to MY OH, click on MY GROUPS and it will show all the groups you belong to.  At least you can get to those fairly easy that way.
on 8/3/12 5:36 am
Thanks Trace..........aren't you gone on vacay yet?  are you leaving me in Timmins alone?  lol

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Tracey 112205
on 8/3/12 5:37 am - Bumfuknowhere, Canada
We are leaving shortly.  Just enjoying coffee at home then hitting the road.  Yep am leaving Timmins and heading to Rouyn.
Karen M.
on 8/3/12 5:33 am - Mississauga, Canada
I am royally pissed about this.  I had some great stuff saved in my damned bookmarks!



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on 8/3/12 5:37 am
Yeah, I guessed they'll receive ALOT of emails! lmao

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Tracey 112205
on 8/3/12 5:39 am - Bumfuknowhere, Canada
You can email them to get your bookmarks back but then you have to save them one by one anyway.  I'm annoyed as well.  We must be the only forum to use bookmarks as they claim it was not used by many.
on 8/3/12 5:42 am
ok, here's a question then for you....
When I click on My Groups, ontario board wasn't on there, but then if I want to come back to the discussion group, I have to go to my favorites of the pc to come back here, how the hell do I add this discussion group to My Groups.....grrrrrrr

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Karen M.
on 8/3/12 5:44 am - Mississauga, Canada
That's because this forum isn't a group that you join. 



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Tracey 112205
on 8/3/12 5:46 am - Bumfuknowhere, Canada
Ontario board is a forum not a group so that's why it's not there.  You have to click on your bookmark within your browser to get back here. The back button would get you back here too.
on 8/3/12 5:47 am
well, I just tried and its not too too bad I guess, just by clicking on forums, then Regional then ontario brings us directly here so.....*sigh*  lmao
Drama queen I am this morning!  lol

    ~Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you really wanted!~    

Karen M.
on 8/3/12 5:43 am - Mississauga, Canada
I sent them an email a couple of minutes ago. *fingers crossed*



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