liver enzymes

on 10/22/12 5:20 am - Peterborough, Canada
 I have had all my appts and saw my surgeon to get my optifast-my date isnt going to be until February as I have 3 vacations in Mexico before that-yes it is crazy but tell my husband that! We went over my bloodwork and all was good but my liver enzymes were elevated-now I do like to drink and can hold my beer well-have been very good since I started this journey and only drink beer every now and then...that being said going to mexico I will drink lots and I am wondering if by having elevated liver enzymes if that will prevent me from having surgery...any thoughts on this. My doctor said he would retest during my PATT but I said I am sure they will still be elevated because of my trip and he just smiled-said "oh all inclusive" and I said yep. I never mentioned the 3 vacations-5  weeks in Mexico just the one in January...he never said anything else but I just wanted to know what others thought...and don't tell me not to drink haha.  I know I can't drink once I have this surgery and I am fine with that but in Mexico I will be living it up.


Robin H.
on 10/22/12 5:27 am - Thunder Bay, Canada
my centre required us to be alcohol free for at least 3 months prior to surgery so unsure of your instance
on 10/22/12 5:37 am - Peterborough, Canada
I have heard that from others but both the nurse and my surgeon know about my vacation and never said anything. 


on 10/22/12 5:43 am
I'm going to Guelph on the 6th for my appointments SW, Nurse & Nut.  Does anyone know if they require us to be 3 months booze free.  I too enjoy a drink but have cut it mostly out. But nowhere does it say you have to be alchol free for 3 months

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(deactivated member)
on 10/22/12 6:30 am - Guelph, Canada
 i think with Guelph its booze free for 3 months before surgery... i am not a drinker so it really never came up.. give the clinic a call and ask them.. 
on 10/22/12 5:45 am - Ottawa, Canada
Elevated enzymes are mostly caused by fatty liver (Hepatic steatosis) and you won't see them normalizing until approximately two years postop, as rapid weight loss puts additional strain on your liver. The surgeon knows it very well.

However you'll see some (minor) improvement after optifast, as this diet specifically targets this liver fat, Sooo, they just want to see positive dynamics after opti. This would indicate that your problem indeed is fatty liver (like all of us had/have) and not something else going on.
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on 10/22/12 6:00 am - Peterborough, Canada
Thanks Nata!  I was just curious-he didn't seem alarmed but I just wanted some reassurance. 


(deactivated member)
on 10/22/12 5:50 am - Straford, Canada
 imo I would not take silence on the part of your doctor or nurse as a get out of jail card.  Did you talk with the NUT about your drinking plans pre op?  I don't know which centre you're working with but at TWH meeting the surgeon for me meant I had been discussed by the NUT, NP, Psych, and SW and on rounds with the surgery team as a good candidate.  If I brought up a vacation with the surgeon I would guess he would barely have noticed imo.  Did you ask the doc what would happen if your liver enzymes were elevated during your PATT?  Sounds to me like you're risking your surgery for some short term fun. But Gawd I'm wrong so often, ignore me!  Have Lots of Fun!
on 10/22/12 6:05 am - Peterborough, Canada
Thanks Ian.  I didn't discuss much other than my journal with my NUT but like I said did talk to the nurse and doctor about going away and what i would be doing while on vacation.  We talked about it in both my sessions.  I was just not wanting any surprises (as I read about that alot on here) so I guess that is why I asked.  If it was really bad both he and my family doctor who just did full bloodwork for a physical would have said more.  I have always had a fatty liver and he said it wasn't unusual.


(deactivated member)
on 10/22/12 7:15 am - Straford, Canada
sorry Monica9811,  I reread my comment and sounded holier than thou and I didn't mean to!  I was so paranoid about everything pre op if someone made an offhand comment I would rush home and research it like crazy to make sure I was on the thumbs up side of any issue that could potentially effect my surgery.  sorry for my tone, I never mean to sound all knowing (because I know so little) nor mean.  
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