Journey update

Mahalo F.
on 5/15/17 4:26 am

Hello everyone

I was wanted to do a quick update...

I am 18 weeks out and down 88 pounds.

I have to admit that I can't believe the weight loss.

I am pleased with my results so far and I am 20 lbs. away from my goal.

I can't believe that I have actually have collar bones and ribs. I occasionally catch a glance of myself in the mirror and I am in awe.

I am tolerating my food and love the diet for life food choices.

I truly enjoy everything that is going into my mouth.

I am still finding the water a lot of work.

I have been very busy with life and I have not had a chance to get to the gym.

It has been like Gotham City here with all the rain and flooding. Finding the doom and gloom is a bit frustrating.

I don't really have a whole lot of stamina. I guess my body is readjusting and I have a lot of joint and muscle pain.

The excess skin is not fun but I would not give up the weight loss for anything.

Love Love Love all the positive comments and support.

I get a lot of ... okay... You are too skinny STOP now.

I should just nod and walk away but quite honestly when you are over weight? You get a lot of... you should lose some weight. When you lose the weight? Oh.... you are too skinny.... Really?

Going to continue on this amazing journey.

Hoping to become more active when Mother Nature calms down ...



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on 5/15/17 4:41 am - Canada

You are doing amazing. Enjoy every minute of the spotlight because you deserve it. I remember the thrill of getting knuckles !!!! Lol

It took mths before I got back a decent level of energy, and I would find I too would get achy if I hadn't kept hydrated enough. Would even get horrible ankle/leg spasms in the night.

We have a beautiful weather week ahead ..good time to start thinking about all the awesome ways to get active outside.

Have a good one

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on 5/15/17 4:48 am

You are doing amazing. Thanks for the update it is inspirational for me as I wait for WLS.

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on 5/15/17 4:58 am
RNY on 09/12/17

Fantastic! You give me so much hope!

on 5/15/17 5:41 am
RNY on 09/22/17

That all sounds awesome!! Congratulations on your success so far. I'm sure the water will come with more practice. Amazing update!

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on 5/15/17 6:29 am

Congrats girl,,very inspiring keep up the great work

on 5/15/17 6:35 am
RNY on 09/05/17

What an inspiration!

thank you for sharing your journey

on 5/15/17 7:30 am

You are doing amazing! Congrats.

I understand where you are coming from... I still "Feel" bigger and not that I've lost almost 100lbs since last summer. I then catch a glimpse in the mirror and it's like holy! I look so much better.

The comments are amazing as well.

Keep it up! You are doing fantastic.

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Wayne H.
on 5/15/17 10:31 am, edited 5/15/17 3:32 am
RNY on 02/08/17

Your point about excess skin: Most people pay for those free fall flight suits,,, we....we all have it built in now. Jump and spread them and off we go :-)

On a serious note, You are doing a fantastic job Kiddo!!

on 5/15/17 11:06 am

Congratulations, Sandra, you're doing great!

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