LukeB Girl17
on 5/17/17 6:13 pm

Hi Everybody!!

This site is amazing and glad there's support in all areas of the journey! I have my orientation next Thursday and I am looking forward to it. I am wondering how relationships before and after surgery affect some of you. I wonder if having surgery will bring confidence to meet new people, social circles. Wonder how my friends will see me after. I have told a couple people only and being single right now could be a plus or minus but I do have great support from the ones I have told. Any comments appreciated. Best of luck wherever you are in your journey!

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on 5/17/17 7:01 pm - Peterborough, Canada

Every person is different. Most are happy for you. The odd person is jealous only because they need to lose weight but are afraid. My marriage broke up 4 years after surgery but it was on the rocks already. My weight loss and the attention I got was hard on him. He was going to have surgery but backed out. If you don't love yourself you can't love anyone else. It's his loss but my gain. My new bf is fit and wants to gain weight. Who knew people wanted that lol. You will know who your real friends are. Everyone knew about my surgery. I was proud of my accomplishment. This isn't an easy journey and never will be. I'm on this site multiple times a day 5 years later. Stay accountable to yourself and this site. Just my two cents. Good luck.


LukeB Girl17
on 5/18/17 6:25 pm

Thank you so much for your support. So true on what you said. Thank you xo

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on 5/17/17 9:24 pm - Canada

Relationships are tough. Some will grow, some will fail, and new ones will be created.

I found the strength to admit the relationship I have, and the way I was living is no longer acceptable. I knew it wasn't before as well, but lacked the confidence to do anything about it.

Friends never know the reactions that may occur. But whatever they may just ask yourself is this relationship healthy in my life??? If people no longer suit your well being, then they may need to go. But they will be replaced with the many good, positive people out there just looking for good energy to be a part of.

Singles I think will surely gain the confidence they need to get out there again and live a little. When you feel good about yourself, others feel it and are drawn to your energy. I am a firm believer of the Law of Attraction......,it works!!

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LukeB Girl17
on 5/18/17 6:27 pm

Hello, wow you have great points as well and much appreciated xo

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on 5/18/17 11:49 am - Canada

Healthy relationships will stay good. Unhealthy relationships will often be challenged by major life changes (like massive weight loss). Some people might drift apart (if you find new hobbies that your old friends don't or cant share) but that is part of life and happens regardless of WLS.

Years ago I decided that I wasn't going to keep people in my life that didn't challenge me to be a better person. So, so far everyone has been incredibly encouraging and positive.

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LukeB Girl17
on 5/18/17 6:28 pm

Perfect, thank you for the insight as well. Xo

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Mahalo F.
on 5/19/17 12:42 am


I am a widow, so I can't speak about a personal and intimate relationship.

I told (8) of my best friends. My relationships with them have not changed.

True friends will remain true friends. They are your loved ones who want the best for you. They will support your success because they want the best for you. They want you to be happy.

Surround yourself with positive people who will sport you...

Good luck !

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LukeB Girl17
on 5/24/17 5:27 pm

Thanks for the info and all the best in your journey

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Wayne H.
on 5/19/17 10:24 am
RNY on 02/08/17

All my Friends, Family and Co-Workers are 100 % Supportive of me on this Journey. I have not run into any doubters yet but really I don't give a crap what they may or may not think. I did this for me therefore only my opinion counts at the end of the day. I am on this journey to rediscover myself and to enjoy my retirement years with my Family and hopefully grand kids. I did not do this for a pat on the back from anybody. I did it for me.

As far as relationships.... My Wife and I are rediscovering what brought us together more than 25 years ago. (Married for 25). Up until about 1 year ago, we were definitely growing apart, mostly because I couldn't do anything with her. Now I can and we love the time we're spending together again.

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