anyone else HATE eating???

on 11/9/17 2:23 pm

I am going crazy. I live alone. and when i am home, i can barely get in one meal never mind three with two snacks. when i am my partners or my mothers i have someone forcing me to eat, as one must. but when i am home i just feel like i would rather die than eat i try using food i really like. i made dinner last night. it was good but it was just a tiny portion. when later that night i tried to have more i just picked at it and finally had to put it back in the container.

today i ate leftovers for lunch. so one portion. at 5 i tried to have some tuna, high protein right? got maybe two forkfuls into me. then my stomach turned. i had four triscuts between lunch and dinner* such as it was.

people i dont know what to do. i am not getting my nutrients in, i am not getting my protein in, i am not going to fare well if i cant get more food in me.

ANY ideas? and milk is still out for protein. i now think it is the sugars in the milk as i have had a hard time with sugars of any kind. and skim milk, well three cups has a lot of sugars.

I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than i was yesterday

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on 11/9/17 3:13 pm
RNY on 09/01/17

Hey girl,

It sounds like you're in a bit of a panic mode, and trying to do this alone is really stressing you out. I know this journey is really tough... and going through it alone, like you and me, while we do have people who support us, but we live alone, can be really challenging. There are days when I have no clue what I'm going to eat, or I have no interest in cooking.

It's a process and the first thing is to have patience and forgiveness for yourself and to recognize that this is a marathon, not a race.

The second thing is to use your support networks. You have your mom and partner who support you. Find additional ways to use them for support. For example, my sister invites me over for dinner a couple of times a week. And she always offers me leftovers. I take them! She also often offfers me food from her freezer (or sometimes I'll ask what she has "for me in her freezer") that will be meals for a few days. It saves big time on cooking for one, having to think about food prep, etc.

I also get in my moods where I batch cook and freeze in small portions... that really helps too. I just pull food out of the freezer and am ready to go.

The other support piece is here. Posting questions, but also posting to the menu thread if you need it. The folks there are wonderful and will give you all sorts of assistance if you want it with your daily menu. Even reading what they eat can be inspiring.

I think trying the lactose free milk can be helpful, but there are so many foods to eat... people have deli meats, maybe hard boiled eggs if you can tolerate that, some nuts... those are good sources of protein and are grab and go.

I know it's tough. Remember, we all eat small portions, and if your pouch is aggravated because of the struggle with the milk/lactose, sometimes you have to give it a break/go back a few steps back to liquids and let it settle down before you can have soft foods then solids again. Inflammation is not good for your pouch and for healing.

Honestly, patience is key. It will get better. ((Hugs))

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on 11/9/17 3:32 pm - Waterdown, o

Always the voice of reason. You give great advice. Please be here when I have my surgery. I have a feeling you're gonna have to peel me off the ceiling on occasion. :)

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on 11/9/17 4:23 pm
RNY on 09/01/17

We're all here for each other. :) I've needed peeling off the ceiling myself, and the support I've gotten here has been invaluable.

It really is a roller coaster... incredible, and incredibly difficult all at once. I totally get it.

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. Choose happy.

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on 11/11/17 6:03 am

Thanks oaat,

I know you are right it is going at it alone that is tough. I am trying to get fresh with the cooking and eating things i enjoy, but also there is more variety with more people right so you can make a meal that lasts one day with 2-4 people that same meal lasts 4 days with one. and i hate to waste food. my freezer is a busting. lol. i just havent felt like cooking i suppose. i should order some food and get to making some. that would make sense and i have a bit of time this week.

Thanks my friend. thank you tons

on 11/11/17 5:05 pm
RNY on 09/01/17

My freezer is busting too. I was thinking I need to buy a stand up one. It's crazy! I actually just need to start eating what I have in there!!!

I do get it... it's hard to cook for one, especially us! And it's hard to get through out freezer items.

Keep making a conscious effort. It's the only way it will get better. That, and time, my friend. (Hugs)

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. Choose happy.

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Anny X.
on 11/9/17 4:15 pm, edited 11/9/17 8:15 am

I am having a hard time eating, for sure. Eating is tedious, nothing tastes palatable and it's just generally an unpleasant experience.

If I had to rely solely on food to get my 60 protein it just wouldn't happen, a couple forkfuls of meat I can stomach is barely anything.

Thankfully I am hitting my protein levels because of shakes and taking my vitamins regularly but it's a real strain on my positivity regarding the entire thing.

I have no helpful hints, I'm sorry but I definitely understand your plight.

I tried to talk to my nutritionist about it and she suggested going back to puréed foods and eating slower than I was. She also said to stop getting all my protein from shakes, and up my calories to 1000 a day. Basically, she was no help.

on 11/11/17 6:04 am

i am not nearly at 1000 calories a day, but then i am also not able to take in shakes. or milk, or powder. i am trying to get a bar in every other day. i have written the nutritionist and i will see what she says. hopefully she has some good advice

Good luck Anny,

I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than i was yesterday

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Anny X.
on 11/11/17 4:11 pm

I hope she has some good advice for you. Have you looked for vegan protein? They wouldn't have any milk byproducts in them.

on 11/12/17 6:49 am

Funny enough i didn't tolerate that either. but i only tired that about a month and a half ago, maybe my tolerance has changed. actually the first protein mix was vegan. and i spent a lot on it only to have it not tolerated by my lovely grumpy pouch it is still at my mums i will try it again. it seems i have no choice.

Thanks for the great advice

I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than i was yesterday

Highest weight 311/ Weight day of surgery 271/one month 257/ two months 247.5

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