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on 11/10/17 8:23 am

I'm pre-op and still waiting for a surgery date and opti start. The Nutritionist did not like my food diary and was reluctant to approve me but she did. She told me I had to start eating 3 proper meals and 2 snacks a day. I know the reason for this as I will have to be sure I eat regularly after the surgery. I don't have much of an appetite due to medication. Despite no appetite, I am obese (go figure). It's because I would tend to eat what I wanted (chocolate, bread, pasta) rather than when I was hungry.

When I started this journey, I started to eat better food when I was hungry and less of what I wanted. Over past 9 months, I have lost about 12 pounds, not a lot, but not gaining. As soon as I started to eat as suggested, and the quantities as suggested, I gained 3 pounds in a week and I know it's the rice, pasta etc. I can't have it even in the proper measured quantities. I went back to eating better food when I was hungry and I'm almost back to where I was.

Anyway, long story just to say, we don't all fit in the same mould.

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on 11/10/17 6:01 pm

We are creatures of habit. I had to set alarms on my phone to remember to sit at a table and eat a balanced meal. I also made all my lunches on the weekend and packed them up for work. I would say breakfast was the hardest for me because I am never hungry then. So what I did was buy yogurts and bagels. I would eat them in the first hour of work.

Bottom line was I spent a hour or two on weekend planning for the workweek.

I do not know if that will help but I know you can do it. You are also correct. We are all different. Take bits and pieces from make people and make something of your own.

You got thins! Penny

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on 11/11/17 2:44 pm

Years ago I had to change my lifestyle due to an illness... 3 meals 1 snack.. It has been 4 years now and my hunger actually is on a timer. You get used to it and your body gets used to it and then it's kind of an a no-brainer. It was hard at first because I never ate breakfast and pretty much just graze all day long but now it's set in. Good luck!

on 11/12/17 9:17 am

Congrats on getting approved, and on losing 12 Lbs. I find the nutritionists like to tell us to eat carbs, which actually sabotages many of us. I now just nod and pretend like I agree and basically do my own thing, lol. I have to keep my carbs below 50 grams total, and often below 30 grams or I just don't lose. I envy people who can eat carbs and lose, as I do like them.

I almost wasn't approved because I didn't buy a toddler plate, the one with the segmented areas. The nutritionist and nurse thought it meant I wouldn't comply but it just meant that I thought those plates are ridiculous. I finally bought one to get them off my back, but I've never once used it. I use a little round glass bowl that cannot fit more than 1 cup of food. I'm not allowed more than 1 cup of food at one time so it's perfect. It also fits perfectly on my mug warmer and keeps my food hot until I'm done eating.

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