What are you eating/doing Wednesday, Jan 3

on 1/3/18 5:09 am - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 04/11/16

Good morning everyone! Brrrrr.....a little chilly coming out of the gym with wet hair I'll tell ya. Going to go tonight and do a class though, its one I've done before and enjoyed.

Today I have an all day training session a new electronic bidding system we'll be launching next week. I didn't sleep well last night so its going to be a long day!

B1 - 1/2 banana, 1tbsp PB

B2 - 2.5 oz chicken, 1 HB egg

S - Oikos key lime yogurt

L - insides out of a catered in sandwich and some broccoli salad (I ordered lunch so got the salad for me)

S - pepperette and cheese string

D - shepperds pie

Totals without lunch Cal 802, Protein 74 Carbs 42

Have a great day everyone!

Over 100 lbs lost! and 13 lbs below goal weight!

on 1/3/18 5:47 am

Good morning Ginny and everyone. Ginny good luck staying awake today. Training sessions can be brutal when you're really tired. What is your class tonight?

Today I'm going to attempt a yoga class and then come home and have a nap, lol. My cold is still hanging on but I am feeling so much better.

3 years post-op

B. Lots of decaf throughout the day. Half of a salmon pinwheel stuffed with lobster, a poached egg on top and a little Hollandaise sauce.

L. PC Loads of Asiago Chicken sausage in half of a low carb garlic breadstick (using up things in the freezer)

D. Chicken Paprikash made with chicken, onions, sweet and hot red peppers, spice. Green Giant riced cauliflower medley.

S. Protein coffee

Totals: 769, Carbs 46, fat 39, Prot. 74

Have a great day everyone.

CENTURY CLUB MEMBER at 6 months post-op.

Referral to Guelph Feb/13, Sleep study and all bloodwork and ultrasound May/13, orientation July/13. Nurse, NUT,SW Sept/13, 2nd NUT, nurse and SW, 3rd round and cleared for surgery Dec/13. Pre-op Apr 7/14, Surgeon May 2/14, Opti Jul 3/14, surgery Jul 17/14.

on 1/3/18 6:38 am - Canada

Hope you feel better soon CC...

Seems like everyone is sick right now. I'm doing my best to ward off the germs -- my brother and his fiancee were both sick during the holidays and now DH...

on 1/3/18 12:02 pm - Ontario, Canada
RNY on 04/11/16

Hey CC, I'm going to do the 20/20 class again, light cardio then core work.

I think I might be fighting off a cold, so I'm trying to sweat it out of me!! LOL

Over 100 lbs lost! and 13 lbs below goal weight!

on 1/3/18 6:51 am - Canada

Good morning :)

I didn't get around to shoveling snow yesterday so it's on my list for today. The weather app says there is more coming, but I'm hoping it's wrong ;)

Today I have to run to the pharmacy and pick up a few things. Then I have to email my school advisor and let her know why I probably won't graduate this year either lol. She's really chill, but just asked me if I thought I would be done this year. I'm so lucky my program is so flexible at this stage.

Oh, I forgot to mention earlier... As part of the process I went back to see the dietitian at Guelph. I specifically made the appointment with the lady I really like (I know they don't guarantee you will see a specific person)... I ended up having my appointment with the dietitian I absolutely hate. She has made me cry in the past and her advice is so often terrible. She told me to eat more half meals. So 10-12 times a day?? When on earth would I be able to get in my fluids??

Post-op two years, nine months.

Breakfast - Greek yogurt, pineapple

Snack - pizza (really small piece), protein popsicle

Lunch - chicken soup

Snack - pulled pork

Dinner - tbd. I don't think I can eat anymore soup or pork.

Snack - cheese stick, crackers

All water and vits.

on 1/3/18 3:23 pm

What is a protein popsicle?

on 1/3/18 3:26 pm - Canada

I make them myself using a six popsicle mould:

1 package of SF dry pudding mix (I like chocolate)

1 scoop of protein powder (I like chocolate ;)

1.5 cups of milk

0.5 cups of water

Mix in a shaker cup and divide into six moulds. Freeze until firm :)

Make sure you pour into the moulds right away or the pudding will start to set in the shaker cup -- learned this the hard way.

on 1/3/18 3:29 pm

Thanks - I will try tomorrow!

on 1/3/18 8:05 am

Good morning, friends,

Finally a normal winter day here in the North; only -11. Tomorrow it's supposed to drop to -25, -35 with the windchill, so I think I'll go for a walk today if the snow squalls let up. I can't breathe when it's colder than -10 or -11 so have been pretty house bound.

Today is our last holiday party. I am all people-d out, lol. I lived alone for a long time and am not used to living with people who like to socialize so much any more. We've either had people here or have gone out every day for weeks now and while I love seeing everyone, I'm done, lol, and am ready to return to some beautiful, peaceful solitude.

The group that are coming over tonight are a lot of fun though, and we'll be singing karaoke so it should be funny. We've got a house full of food today, and I'm saving my daily carbs for a small slice of pizza, but after today will be glad to finally get back on track, food wise. I gained 1.5 Lbs over the holidays and lost half a pound since the 1st, but still have to lose 1 more before I get back to normal. It's really not that bad of a gain but this was my first gain since surgery and I don't like it, lol. I cannot wait until there are no more tempting treats in the house. This would be so much easier if I still had my own place.

Breakfast: 2 cups decaf with 1/4 cup premier protein in each, cheese string, clementine.

Lunch: Chicken

Supper: 1 small piece of pizza

Snack: pepperette, clementine

Pre-Op Visit: Jan. 10, 2017, weight 304, surgeon: Dr. David Lindsay, St. Joe's, Toronto

1st Day of (3 weeks worth of) Optifast: Jan. 11, 2017

Surgery Date: Feb. 1st, 2017


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