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Wayne H.
on 9/20/18 7:01 pm
RNY on 02/08/17
Topic: RE: Starting to feel a little more controlled

Hi oneatatime,

So sorry to hear of your complications. Stick with it girl... You have come so far I just know you won't return to the size you were before. I am just posting to say...It's ok that you slipped. This tool we have actually responds (at least for me) very well once I get back on track. Holidays = Slips in most of our worlds anyway.

You will get back on track, That I have no doubt. Good luck with your upcoming surgery. A healthy Mind as a result of a healthy and Non hurting Body does wonders for our psyche and desire to maintain our new life styles. It's disappointing when we can't...I think we all feel that threat when something introduces a Speed Bump in our path. :-)

Wayne H.
on 9/20/18 6:49 pm, edited 9/20/18 6:54 pm
RNY on 02/08/17
Topic: Yep - I am still alive and Living life large

Just a check-in... Been a while so thought I should hello. Hi GANG!!!!

Since my last posting, I have had successful surgery a while back to remove the infected areas of skin in my groin where hidradenitis Suppurativa had taken hold. Because of that, today is my first day without having to take Humira. YAAAAA. It comes with some severe risks so I am happy to be off it. I am to wait 2 months and if everything stays stable...I won't need to go back on it.

News Flash: I am now a Biker :-)

Yep... I purchased a 2008 Vulcan 900 LT Classic Motorcycle to fulfill a long time wish/desire I had to ride which goes back to the 80's.

I love it although it does cut into my Kayaking and Walking/Gym time a tad. Will be getting back into the gym again soon since the colder weather has arrived.

My Weight... . Basically stabilized between 248 and 255. I go higher at times but I always return to this range. That's ok...I have not made goal YET, but I could care less. I am a new MAN!!! I am off all meds except for one tiny pill for Cholesterol which I will likely be taken off if my blood tests remain good.

Actually once I get back into the gym I think I can lose that 20Lbs I need to reach goal but I'm not losing sleep over it.

My love life is marvelous, My friends love hanging around me again, I am meeting new friends all the time because of the "Confidence" I have seemly regained without consciously knowing about it.. LOL

My Ottawa WLS Meet and Greets continue despite lack of new attendees. Wish the heck some of you would come out and enjoy a decaf and a laugh with us. We're more than just WLS Patients looking to meet people who also have had the surgery now...we're becoming friends... Friends that can relate to this amazing journey we are on. I find that very helpful and hell, they're a great bunch of Ladies.....all to myself :-) LOL

Anyway, That's it for now.

oh. here is a photo of me ( on the right) that my buddy on the left just sent me. It's from the summer (2016) before my surgery. compare that to my profile pic.

on 9/20/18 6:46 pm - Greater Toronto Area, Canada
Topic: How much has your grocery budget reduced post surgery?

I'm pre-op, but I don't expect a change. I expect a decrease in quantity, but an increase in quality. Plus, I used to eat out a lot and not invest in groceries and cooking at home.

How much has your grocery budget reduced post surgery?

Female, 30s, Toronto

on 9/20/18 6:44 pm - Greater Toronto Area, Canada
Topic: RE: What are you eating/doing today/Thursday?

Hi, I'm pre-op. My suregon's appointment is less than a month away and praying for a January surgery date!!

B - Overnight oats

L - Pork Sausage over veggies

D - Pork sausages over veggies

S - 2 cups of tea w/ 1 tsp of sugar each. 1st cup had half and half. Second cup had soy milk.

1500 calls, > 100g of protein, < 100g carbs

No Frills and Walmart now sell lactose Greek fat free Greek yogurt. I have major lactose and this lactose free yogurt reduces symptoms by 90%. I can actually tolerate this now and add 17g of protein to my breakfast.

Female, 30s, Toronto

on 9/20/18 5:39 pm - Parksville BC, Canada
VSG on 09/17/18
Topic: RE: Ab Pain

You are not being a Baby! You just had major surgery....It will get better but it will take time


on 9/20/18 4:44 pm - Windsor, Canada
VSG on 08/27/18
Topic: Ab Pain

I was three weeks post-op on Monday. Overall, I feel good. I am getting my protein, vitamins and water in. I sometimes eat a bit too much, but just to the point of a little discomfort, not pain. I'm still learning how much my sleeve can handle.

I started back to work on Monday. I couldn't afford to stay off any longer than that, and I work for a small company so they really need me. They are good to me, and do all the fetching I need. I left a bit early on Tuesday because my back was aching. However, my stomach pain has been getting worse. I woke up this morning and knew I couldn't go in.

The pain I'm feeling is in my abs. I have had it on and off since I got home. Originally, it was in my lower left belly, but lately it's moved to the area around and slightly above my belly button. It aches a bit if I stand for too little long, but I only experience intense pain when I am trying to stand up and sometimes when I am trying to sit down.

The pain gets really intense, but lasts only 10-20 seconds, then starts loosening up. It really feels like just muscle pain, but I just want it to stop. It's really only bad when getting out of my recliner (a problem because that's where I sleep) and to a slightly lesser extent with the toilet (also a necessity). My desk chair at home is absolutely fine. Work chair is occasionally challenging but bearable.

I actually have a really strong pain tolerance, but this burning pain is starting to get me down. Pain killers just make me dizzy. The only thing that's helped has been icing the area until it's numb, but icing it constantly isn't a good idea.

Some have suggested calling the centre (my follow up isn't for another week), but it just doesn't feel like it's urgent ... Just the muscles needing to heal. Like I said, I'm really not worried, just need reassurance that it will eventually get better.

Am I being stupid, or a whiny baby?

Referral: 10/20/17 HW: 394, OptiFast Start: 355.5, SW: 328

2018 - Orientation: 1/29, Ultrasound & EKG: 2/8, Nurse Consult: 2/26, Nutrition Class: 3/6, SW Consult: 3/8, Dietitian, SW Follow up, Sleep Study: 4/12, Doctor Consult: 4/26, 2nd Dietition: 5/28, SurgEd: 6/18, Surgeon: 7/25, PreOp & OptiFast: 7/30, SURGERY: 8/27 with Dr. Grantcharov.

on 9/20/18 4:27 pm
Topic: RE: Bananas

My dietician said I could put a small banada in my protein smoothie.

I did the first couple weeks, it helped for taste.

Referral - April 2016 (NP sent my referral to Medical Weight Loss Program); Orientation - Aug.2.2017; First NP Appt & Bloodwork and ECG - Aug.21.2017; Sleep Study - Sep.18.2017; Social Worker Appt - Oct.3.2017; Dietician Appt - Oct.6.2017 ; Breath Test (for H.Pylori) - Oct.23.2017; Heart Echo - Nov.16.2017; Second Dietician Appt - Nov.16.2017; Pre-Surgical Class - Dec.20.2017; Meet the Surgeon - Dec.22.2017; Surgery - Feb.27.2018

on 9/20/18 12:36 pm
Topic: RE: Starting to feel a little more controlled

Back to basics is the right thing to do. Post often, join us again on the what are you eating thread, whatever it takes to get your head back in the game. You have worked too hard to sabotage yourself. We are here for you.

CENTURY CLUB MEMBER at 6 months post-op.

Referral to Guelph Feb/13, Sleep study and all bloodwork and ultrasound May/13, orientation July/13. Nurse, NUT,SW Sept/13, 2nd NUT, nurse and SW, 3rd round and cleared for surgery Dec/13. Pre-op Apr 7/14, Surgeon May 2/14, Opti Jul 3/14, surgery Jul 17/14.

Kimberly H.
on 9/20/18 11:29 am - Hamilton, Canada
Topic: Hamilton peeps!

was just curious about the Hamilton timeline. Wanted to know what the wait has been like from surgeon appointment to actual surgery. I'm currently awaiting a phone call to get my "meet the surgeon" appointment and getting super excited!

thanks guys

on 9/20/18 11:19 am - Canada
RNY on 06/02/17
Topic: RE: Starting to feel a little more controlled

Sounds like you've got your mind in the right place - YOU CAN DO THIS!
And I'm glad that they seem to have figured out what is ailing you. Good luck with the GB surgery.

Surgery Jun.2/17 at TWH ----- HW 215 - SW 197.2 - GW 125 CW 124.6

Pre-Op=8.8lbs --- Optifast= 8.4 (was on it for 9 days due to cancellation)

M1 - 20.6... M2 -10.2... M3 -8.0... M4 -5.8... M5 -9.0... M6 -5.2... M7 -7.0... M8 -2.2... M9 -0.9... M10 -2.6... M11-0.6... M12-2.0

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