Can anyone tell me if Medicare pays for plastics for skin removal?

on 3/11/07 6:39 am - Meridian, MS
I weighed 330 before surgery in June of 2005 now I weigh 125. I have about 20 pounds of loose skin on my stomach that I would like to have removed. It gets really red and irritated and itchy at times. I don't have a lot of loose skin elsewhere, a little between my thighs. I would also like a breast lift, have gone from a 42DD to a 32A. I have a hernie around my stomach area as well I assume from having 5 abdomal surgeries whi*****ludes 3 c sections. I am on medicare and am just curios whether medicare will help pay for any of this. Thank you
on 3/11/07 8:02 am - Collegeville, PA
Medicare DOES cover medically necessary reconstructive surgery. Finding a plastic surgeon who will accept Medicare assignment, however, is near impossible. Chances are you don't have as much skin to be removed as you think there is. Unless you still have a lot of underlying fat under the skin, skin weighs next to nothing. I had an amazing amount of excess skin removed and all total it was only about 15 lbs of skin removed. My lower body lift and breast lift took off only a mere 6 lbs which is nothing considering how much skin was actually removed.
Diona A.
on 3/11/07 11:55 am - Miles City, MT
RNY on 12/28/05 with
Try checking with your gynocologist. Mine is a PCP and covers medicare patients. He got my insurance to pay for my tummy tuck and performed it after repairing a pelvic hernia. Sometimes combining procedures makes it easier to get approval. Most gynocologists are trained on tummy tucks. Mine also wants to get trained in doing breasts since there are so many women with cancer and wanting lifts around here and we are out in the boonies you could say. Diona
on 1/29/13 7:18 am - Oxford, NY

Does Medicare cover skin removal if you have developed problems. Such as pinch nerves in my arms from the skin flopping around which causes the nerves and tendons also to flop around due to lack of support. Also for the last 10yrs I've had serve cramping in my legs and feet. been to doctor after doctor with no relief. gone to my regular doctor first, sent me to a neurologis...nothing.Went to a foot doctor no result there. Had blood test after blood ms, my medications were fine, so blood work didn't explain anything. Went and had  the veins in my legs checked, had some vein surgery done. Guess what still having cramps in my legs and feet. It is so bad I can't sleep, I have trouble walking. so what's left? All that excess skin?! Please help, any suggestions? Thank you

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