How many sizes dropped after body lift?

Just Me
on 10/21/07 3:32 pm - Happy Place, TN
Hi, Taking a poll here... how many dress/pant sizes did you drop after having abdominal or tummy tuck, or body lift? I'm thinking  1.5 pant sizes is a proper expectation... would someone like to comment? (Of course the reduction in size must be due to SURGERY not to diet)   Wondering how much skin/fat is removed and how it changes body contour/fit. Thanks!
Just Me
on 10/21/07 3:34 pm - Happy Place, TN
PS... forgot to mention....   What is size reduction AFTER swelling has gone down and you are settled into a regular fit/contour.
Monica B.
on 10/21/07 7:38 pm - Emery, SD
I went from a 16/18 to a 10/12 pant size. I had 12 lbs removed. PS and WLS surgeon worked together to for a BR; BL; ventral hernia repair; TT, and panni removal. The girls went from a 48DD to a nice small perky high sitting 38 B. Somehow my huge butt shrunk and lifted up. During the last year since my PS, I lost 37 lbs, including the 12 lbs of skin removed. I am amazed at how flat my tummy is. My incisions are all healed and thin. Somehow the PS removed all the other 9 surgical scars that were on my body. I am thrilled with my results and was age 59 last Sept when I had the surgery. The pain and discomfort was FAR less than I had expected. The valium medication really helped with muscle spasms post op. The drains weren't too bad either. I relied on the binders and wow did they help. I wore one from under my breasts to my waist and one from my waist to my mons. I wore these for many many weeks and helped with the swelling and healing. The only problem I had was not wanting to eat. I really had to force myself to eat and get in more protein to aid in my recovery.  Hope I answered some of your concerns.

Tanya L
on 10/22/07 2:32 am - Carpinteria, CA
I'm glad to hear someone else had problems eating after surgery. I have to force myself to eat, and I drink a protien drink of 45 gm for good measure as well...

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Jane M.
on 10/21/07 10:28 pm - Williamsburg, VA
After my TT/BA/BL I went from a 12 to an 8. After my Buttock and thigh lift I went from an 8 to 4. I'm not an average person. I tend not to have an appetite after my surgeries and drop 10-12 lbs rather easily. I just have my medial thigh lift and I'm still hanging on to about 8-10 lbs of wter weight even after 3 weeks. It sucks but I knew that lymph node damage can cause this. I would say that most people loose a pant size, maybe 2. More than anything else it depends on your new body shape.
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on 10/21/07 11:22 pm - Long Island, NY

I went from a tight 14 to an 8 in pant and 10 in skirts.


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on 10/22/07 12:03 am - San Diego, CA
From an 8 to a 6 in most sizes.  But as of tomorrow I'm only 8 weeks out so I'm still swollen - I might get one more size but I'm not counting on it.  I had an LBL
on 10/22/07 12:17 am - NY
None.  Zero, Zilch, Zip.  I was a 14/16 going in, I'm a 14/16 coming out.  I had only skin, he didn't remove a whole heck of a lot of poundage.   However, everything fits much better, if a little bit oddly.   It's really all dependent upon so so many things.  How your weight is carried, where distributed, etc. Good luck!

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on 10/22/07 1:51 am - Stockton, CA
I agree with Donna Marie...there as SO MANY variables like I dont and didnt carry my weight in my stomach...BABY'S GOT BACK!  lol...  Nor did I have the LBL.  I had a TUMMY TUCK w/ lipo to hips/flanks.  SEE BOTTOM OF PROFILE for results that LOOK like I went down many sizes. However, I was wearing a snug 16 and right now i'm wearing some 12's and some 14's only the 14's hang in the crotch and dont fit as well as the 12's but then some 12's are tight and i've lost about 10 or so lbs recently.  SO GO FIGURE! Just remember to NOT SET YOURSELF UP!!   I was thinking I was going to change so many sizes when in fact i didnt and it took awhile too!   I am 9 months post op from the tummy tuck! GOOD LUCK! Julie

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Tanya L
on 10/22/07 2:31 am - Carpinteria, CA
I carried most of my weight in thighs and butt area. Dr thought he took about 15 lbs of skin(not confirmed yet, op notes not back), and I will be only 3 weeks out on friday, and already have gone down 1 size, and he said I have lots of swelling yet......

358/163/185  5'6" -195 lbs &172+inches Lost
10/05/07 LBL,lipo on thighs,rear augmentation & BL 
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