Just How Painful is a Tummy Tuck?

Jean M.
on 1/3/08 9:13 am
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I'm only partway through my weight loss journey but am researching an eventual tummy tuck.  A woman at my lap-band support group meeting said her TT was the most painful thing she's ever experienced, which scared me.  I've had a hysterectomy and a breast reduction and those were pretty damned painful.  What has your experience been? thanks, Jean
w8'n no more
on 1/3/08 10:06 am - middle of, IL
I don't want to scare you but . . . I had ALOT of work done because I had multiple hernias.  Got a lot of stitches internally and a lot of mesh. Knowing what I know now I would definitely look into the ON-Q pain pump.  For me, it was worse initially than the DS surgery.  Of course, these things are always different for everyone.  I would definitely let your PS know your fear of the pain.
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on 1/3/08 11:06 am - MS
At 2 weeks I ended up in the hospital for pain control but I didnt rest like I was supposed to. I had A LOT of inflamation. Just be ready for pain and a binder and compression garment. Just be ready to be able to rest and have help with everything even standing in the shower. Take care good luck and keep up the great work for your wls. Amy
on 1/3/08 11:13 am - Macedonia, OH
hello! I too hate pain.  Am a BIG baby... Nov 6th I had a LBL, BL/BA .. and even though i was sore - it wasn't aweful.  I did have an On Q pain pump for 3 days, and took my percocet faithfully every 4 hours.  It was very tender to get in and out of bed.  I was very lucky to have my husband to be able to stay home with me for almost 2 weeks.   Judi

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on 1/3/08 11:14 am - Mount Gilead, NC
The TT was not bad for me. I recovered much faster than the RnY. I only took pain meds while the drains were in about 8 days. After the drains came out I felt pretty good. Took off 3 weeks from work. Belinda


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shannon d
on 1/3/08 8:05 pm - MI
I am 2 mo PO from anchor TT and I will never have any more plastic surgery EVER!!  LOL  If you ask me would I do it over- I would say YES now- but int he beginning was horrible.  Not to scare you-  but it is totally worth it in the end.....' Good luck on what you decide Shannon












Lynne R.
on 1/3/08 8:09 pm - Houston, TX
I had a tummy tuck/hernia repair, and the pain was minimal. He also did lipo on my thighs and it hurt like the dickens!!! I was more uncomfortable from the compression garment than the actual incision.


on 11/29/13 2:13 pm

Next month I'll be doing the same thing, could you please elaborate more and show pics of your Lipo on your thighs, before and after pics if you don't mind. I'm so nervous and scared of the pain 

Annette C.
on 1/3/08 8:54 pm - Danville, IN
The only real pain I had was from the lipo'd areas.  The skin is loosened and the nerves are severed so there isn't a whole lot that isn't numb for months.  I didn't have any real "pain" from the surgery and only took tylenol once afterward.  I was a bit stiff and moved slowly at first but not in pain.  Besides, I like to be able to feel a little discomfort - it keeps me from overdoing things too soon.

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on 1/3/08 9:27 pm - mcdonald, PA
i had a abdominalplasty with hernia repair done on dec 20...stayed over night in the hospital and home the next morning.  there was a tight feeling like a cinder block was sitting on my chest below my breasts for a week and it as hard to be comfortable but once the drains came out its like a whole other world....more normal.....sore sometimes get tired easily but i went back to work a week after i had it done ( i'm a medical biller and coder) and now i'm also working in the evening as a hostess.....so i think overall i bounced back quickly...i still have a few spots that are sore and sometimes when i turn sideways it hurts a little but its going to take time to heal and i'm not getting rid of my binder for a long time! in fact i may purchase a new one so i can was wash this one and rotate them...the support is great.
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