chills/shivers after surgery...weeks after??

on 3/18/09 12:38 pm - , MO
Just wondering if anyone has had issues w/ serious chills/shivers days/weeks after surgery?  Even after WLS?  I get these chills and can not get warm for hours no matter what I am wearing.  I do not have a fever just cold.  Since TT I have continued to have them but have a wave of shivers up and down along the front where my incisions are.  Just curious if anyone else has experienced this.  My husband thinks its because of the 10 lbs pannus loss and that fat is insulating...maybe?? 
on 3/18/09 1:26 pm - San Diego, CA
I get these every winter since my WLS.  Sometimes I jump in a warm bath and just soak for a while.  I'm sure it's the body fat theory like your DH says.
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on 3/19/09 12:17 am - Atlanta, GA

My body temp is definitely colder than before I lost all the weight.  My feet stay cold most of the time and I agree warm soak helps tons.  If you can't soak your whole body yet, do your legs by sitting on side of the tub or getting a bucket. 
If you're only like 2 weeks out then double check with your PS just to make sure, but if there's no fever its probably fine...mine did tell me to watch for shivers, so I'd call just to let them know!

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on 3/19/09 6:17 am - roselle, NJ
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I think that my husband hates me since wls. I am extreeeemly cold all the time. He said he is going to move into my daughters room and I can set myself on fire. Sounds like a plan to me. I have an electric blanket that I sleep with at night plus the heat inthe house and an electric heater Secretly I want to get on his nerves for leaving the toilet seat up all the time but In reality I am very comfortable wlth heat.  
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on 3/19/09 10:49 am - , MO
I know what you mean about the thinks I am insane and cuz I can not bend to my feet yet he is helping me put socks on and just can not see why I would need such a thing at 60 degrees!!  I will be seeing my surgeon tomorrow so I will ask him just in case there are other issues...otherwise, I am sitting here w/ my down blanket, 3 shirts, pants and (no sock yet, he is gone) and a few chills...did I mention the laptop is really warm too. 

I have had these crazy chills since WLS too and yet, I think its worse when I dont get enough food...carbs too...its such a balance. 
on 3/19/09 11:07 am - paramount, CA
Maybe you need to take more iron? That's what happened to me, I would get really cold when I was anemic, so dosage went higher on iron. Just a thought :).
on 3/19/09 1:36 pm - , MO

Thanks, I have often thought that but my iron levels have been fine for years...a bad few months years ago but that is another story...I even had to be checked before my PS and I was 12.5.  I am sure that could be higher but I havent changed my dosage or anything for years...should be good.  I do thnk about the iron though...thanks. 

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