Paying for tummy tuck

on 7/21/09 10:58 am - SC
Ok I am pretty sure my insurance does not pay for the procedure. What is the best way to go on getting financed? Is there a good company to go through? What do I do? I have no clue. I just don't even  know where to start in this whole situation. I will take all the advice I can get. Thank you all.

on 7/21/09 11:17 am
RNY on 08/25/08 with
  I'm just starting with plastics also.  I've been checking Care Credit 0% financing for 18 months.
on 7/21/09 3:22 pm - WI
I am getting a breast lift on the 28th and went through Care Credit.  They are very good to work with and have never had any problems with them.  I had WLS RNY back in 8/8/07 and have lost just a little over 100pds (depends on the day).  I started at 237pds and am now anywhere from 135~143.  I started looking into plastics about 6 months ago.  I had my abd. excess skin removed and still need some touch ups done as I didn't have a "plastic surgeon" do it but a general surgeon that fixed my abd. hernia and while he was "in there" he said he would just remove my extra "junk" if I wanted him to.  So of course I said "HELL YA".  It looks good, just have some little spots that need to be tucked just a little is all.  So, after I get my boobs done, I will worry about my abd. area.  Good luck tho, and look into Care Credit......

Gay L.
on 7/21/09 11:24 am - SC
I just came from a seminar with a Plastic Surgeon who specializes in WLS patients.  He was very knowledgeable and willing to go to bat with insurance companies to get procedures covered, and gave suggestions on what to document , how to word things, etc.  You may want to start with the PS's staff, they are used to dealing with the financial end of all this.  Good luck!
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on 7/21/09 7:39 pm - Canada
I live in Ontario Canada.  Our provincial government will pay for part of a panni if you meet the criteria but even at the best they only pay $500 to the doctor.  The rest is up to you and your extended insurance.  I have NOT seen any insurance company up here pay for plastic surgery unless its maybe recontructive from car accidents but not sure on that one.
I had a fully anchor tummy tuck and breast lift this past June.  Just started back to work this week.  So all this surgery came out of pocket except for the $500 ohip paid for.  I took money out on our line of credit on the equity we have built up on the home.  The rate is much much lower compaired to if you go for a loan or credit companies there rates are rediculous.

Just another avenue you might be in the position to try.  Wishing you the best on your continuous journey


on 7/21/09 10:57 pm - Newport News, VA
It never hurts to ask the question about insurance. I was "pretty sure" insurance wouldn't cover mine either. I have Aetna, and from what I had heard, they were one of the biggest sticklers on plastics. But, to my biggest surprise, they covered it!! Your PS should know the best method to get you approved through insurance. It never hurts to try.
Kathie L.
on 7/22/09 12:41 am - Castaic, CA
I took out a second loan on my house.
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