Skin Rash after surgery MRSA?

on 8/2/09 12:16 pm - Clayton, NC
Okay everyone I am going to make this as short as possible.  First off I had a BL and An Anchor TT on 5/29/09.  Everything was great one night in the hospital, hardly any pain, and everything looked great.  Fast forward to 10 days later.  I have been in a compression garment the whole time nothing but bird baths.  I was sent home with pain medication and cephalaxin.  So at the 10 day mark the drains come out.  YES!!!  Well my drains were out for 3days and I started running a fever of 102 and had fluid build up in my MONS area ( that is where my drains were).  So in to see the doc and the area was drained and was put  on another antiboitic this time it was a sulfa antibiotic.  Well it was about one week later i saw him again for fluid build up and I was told to stop the sulfa antibiotic and was put on amoxicillin.  Well then we put in another drain a week later.  Mind you that I am about 5weeks out at this point.  I have been on three different antibiotics and now another drain is being put in.  At that appointment we started to notice that my skin was really dry and was red and inflammed all over my torso area mainly along my incision line and where my binder was.

Now at my july 20th appointment I become drain free.  This drain was in for 3 weeks.  So my whole surgery expereince I have had a drain in.  We looked at my skin again and the lady that does his skin treatments wasn't there.  I was returning to work on the 29th at half days for 14 buisiness days. 

So I saw my dermatologist on the 23rd.  She did a skin biopsy, gave me a prescription for Topicort, and told me to come back in 2 weeks that is when she would have the results.

So she called me last week.  It is GUTTATE PSORIASIS!!!  The only skin condition I have ever had is my  rosaeca, now I have this.  She said that it is immune system related.  That I could have caught some type of infection and that with the bind rubbing my skin that it could have caused the the guttate psoriasis.

My question is this as many of us in the medical profession come in contact with MRSA.  Could this be a factor.  I had a case of it last year and was put on Zyvox.  It cleared it up and I was cleared to return to work and normal activities.  The only thing is I had a side effect that dropped my blood pressure and made everything taste like metal.

If anyone know if this could have any affect as to what is going on with my skin that would be helpful.  Also I my PS surgeon had all my medical records but I don't think either him or my dermatologist know that I had MRSA.  SHould I let them know?

Thanks for all the help.  Sorry for the long post.

on 8/4/09 7:09 am - Hitchcock, TX
yes yes yes.  get them to do a nasal swab culture to see if you are colonized.  only thing is, you have been on so many antibiotics now it may be a false negative.  I hope you recover ok.......
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Dr. John LoMonaco, M.D. F.A.C.S.,
on 8/6/09 2:16 am - Ontario, CA
The MRSA infection that I got after my thigh revision made itself known almost immediately.  I was on abx - clindamycian, and after a seroma that developed in my thigh was aspirated, I came down with a huge MRSA abscess in my leg.  It was red, painful, swollen, the infection was going up my leg, and within 24 hours after draining, had gone from my knee all the way up to mid thigh.  If you truly have an active MRSA infection, it will show up in the culture of the skin and any ooze from your skin.

Since you have already had MRSA, you are probably colonized with it, and it might be a more minor reaction -- you need to remind them that you have had MRSA and that you want to be tested for it.  When I had to have another surgery after my MRSA infection, I was put on IV vanco for 24 hours before the procedure and 24 hours following just to be sure that I wouldn't develop a bone infection.

It is always best to remind and remind your health care professionals that you might have an extenuading cir****tance and that they need to think of a zebra instead of a horse when they hear hoof beats!

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on 8/9/09 11:34 am - Sacramento, CA
You MUST tell them you have MRSA.  Once you are diagnosed with MRSA you are always placed on contact isolation precautions when you are a patient in a healthcare office and ESPECIALLY an operating room!!!  When we have a patient who has MRSA, it is a HUGE deal, and when they use a room or the operating room, we have to do a MAJOR cleaning job which is above and beyond the usual cleaning, and the room has to be vacant for at least 3 hours post cleaning.... this is a HUGE deal.

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