Post OP - 10 days....Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift

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A quick update on my progress..........
Today is day 10 post op.  What a week...........seriously pretty much ALL, great.  I'm amazed at how good I feel.  I think waiting till I was at my goal and at a normal BMI was the smartest thing I did.  All the exercise, (core strength, leg strength, etc) has obvisouly helped with my recovery.  I can say for sure I am so glad I did not do my arms at the same time as my tummy because I am relying on my arms very much!

My food is still a little "off" since surgery but certainly doing better.  My appetite is still not back to normal but also the surgery binder is so tight I just can't eat as much as I normally do.  I'm making sure I drink lots of water so I can flush out some of the fluid from my swollen body (this is worst part to me........the swelling.......I can cope with post surgery pain better than being swollen).

I love the initial Tummy Tuck results I'm tummy looks great!  Starting to get a little swelling in the tummy but looks fantastic.  The Swelling in my legs and butt is dreadful but I'm now in a compression garment with legs hoping that will help a little. I have the binder on top of the garment.  This too shall pass......I just need to hang in there.  I've been taking a few pictures over the past week to document my progress.......  I'll share some of them shortly; I'll let you know when they are posted.  Only Friends can see them :-)

I also had "the girls" lifted again and I have mixed feelings about them.  I love the "lift", they are high, perky and firm!  I'm just not liking the way they look right now.  I'm holding back judgment until I see the surgeon next Tuesday.  He explained to Matthew that he had a little trouble and would have to do some fine tuning next time when I'm having my legs done (only trouble due to this being a revision and the way the orginal surgeon attached the nipple.  It has nothing to do with my current surgeons skills) ,,,,but I really didn't expect them to look like they do..........I realize they are swollen so that is probably adding to the "odd shape" and I hope it will look better in a couple days/weeks but as of what I saw 2 days ago I was not happy.......I was wishing I never had them redone.   I had my little break down and cried for about 20 mins on Tuesday but I'm over it for now.  Anyhow........I'm holding onto positive thoughts and want to believe that the surgeon has a plan and the end results will be GREAT.  

I'm journaling (on paper) my experience each day and will post updates on my profile...hoping my keeping track it will help someone in the future who has all the questions I had before having my surgery.

Surgery day (W)......I don't remember too much but I do know I was in pain when I arrived at the after care facility. Once they got me settled into the recliner chair I pretty much slept on and off through the afternoon and night (thank goodness for pain pills and sleeping pills!).
Post OP day 1 (Thr)..... A bit sore not really much pain but that is only because I took my pain meds every 3 hours no matter what!  I cut down to 1 pill every 3 hrs instead of 2.  As long as they gave me the pill on time I was fine.   Got up and walked the hallway back/forth 3 times.
Saw the surgeon late in the day he thought I looked great and was "ahead of schedule".  I asked him if he is ready to do the next phase......he laughed.
Post OP day 2 (Fri)........Felt pretty good and had a little appetite.  Took my first shower, it was WONDERFUL! I plan on checking out to walk to the rest room by myself.
Post OP day 3 (Sat)..... Feel really good.  The nurse helped me with a shower in the morning and thought I did really well with it.  I'm checking out after lunch. 
Post OP day 4 (Sun)...... Slept in my own bed last night......of course I had lots of pillows propping me up but it was nice to be out of the chair.  Geez the swelling in my legs is starting...I’m not sure if I want to weigh myself or not….everyone says not to.
Post OP day 5 (Mon)...... Feeling great...cut pain pills to 1 every 4-4.5 hrs.  Took first shower at home, went well.  Still have not weighed myself and don’t think I will….don’t want to torture myself with seeing the scale up 10 or more lbs.
Post OP day 6 (Tue)...... I got up and cooked breakfast, Oatmeal (old-fashioned way, not instant).  Felt so good I cooked lunch too!  Increased my walking around the house.  Felt pretty tired by dinner time but it was a good tired!
Post OP day 7 (W)...... Feeling great.  Did 2 loads of laundry (1 full, 1 small).  Cooked big breakfast, cooked lunch, heated food I previously cooked for dinner.  Think I had the binder on too tight in the afternoon and evening......feel very sore under and around rips.  Walking much straighter...even Matthew noticed.  Each night I try to lay a little flatter in bed (less of an incline), maybe that is helping me to stand pretty straight...who knows.   Cut the pain pills to 1 every  hrs, may try to stretch to every 8 hrs tomorrow...we'll see how it goes.
Post OP day 8 (Thr)......Still feeling great.    Hope I'm not over doing it.  Cooked breakfast and lunch today.  No other chores planned for today.  Called the surgeons office.....the plan was to remove the drain tomorrow but I asked to postpone it till next Tuesday.  My surgeon is on vacation this week.  I'd rather wait a couple of extra days so I can see my surgeon and discuss his plan for the boobs so I asked his nurse to move me and she was fine with that.   (the drain has not been bothering far..

Post OP day 9 (Fri)......I’m starting to sound like a broken record but I really feel great!  I’m loving the way the Tummy Tuck looks.  Still don’t love the way the breasts look (especially left one) but am waiting to see the surgeon on Tues before I get too worked up over it.  I have not taken a close look at the belly button and have no desire to do so yet.  Cut pain pills down to 1 every 8 hrs (probably would be better to take 1 in 7 hrs but I’m toughing it out).  BTW...I have not once had any pain in the breasts...I sometimes forget I had them done at the same time. 

Post OP day 10 (Sat).....Feel great!  Legs and butt seem a little less swollen to me.  I wonder how much “fluid weight" I’m carrying.  Can’t wait till the leg swelling goes down so I can get an idea of were my real weight is.   I finally got on the scale for the first time.  With all this swelling I expect to be at least 10 lbs (if not 15) heavier.  I was shocked to see the scale only up 2 lbs.  This must mean I’ve lost weight this week and it wouldn’t surprise me with reduced amount of food I’ve consumed.

Well I'm off to get to some lunch now........and then back to bed for some rest and leg elevation (hoping it will help reduce swelling)
Hope you all have been doing and feeling well and for those in recovery I hope it's going very well.

More later....

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on 9/12/09 6:47 am - Warrensburg, MO
Sure good to hear that you are feeling better and better.  It give me hope that the tummy tuck will not be too much too bear :)   I'm sorry about the breast issue - you are very smart to just wait it out a bit and see what the doc says.

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Glad to hear you have done so well with your recovery ! I need to lose at least 45 lbs before I can think of having a TT yet. I want to be at or 10 lbs away from my goal weight too. I appreciate so much when people like you post a day to day update of how you feel after surgery. It gives me an idea of what to expect if all goes well :o). I thought about having my arms/breasts/and tummy done all at one time but after reading your posts I think I will just have my breasts and tummy done together and have my arms done another time. Keep up the good work, rest up when you can, and can't wait to see your pictures later :o).
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on 9/12/09 9:40 am - West Central FL☼RIDA , FL
I learned so much from the folks here that I promised myself I would keep track of my experience and post it to help those who have surgery after me  (kinda like paying it forward).

I have to have a revision to arms and will combine it with my inner thighs or Butt Lift(with butt aug and outer thighs).  Haven't decided which would be best yet but I'm leaning towards doing it with the inner thighs cause I think I'll need the arms to help me get up after my butt is done.

I'll send you a PM with the password for pictures
on 9/13/09 2:21 am - LA
I thought about having the inner thighs done as well. So, have you had to pay 100% of all your surgeries or how much did your insurance cover?
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on 9/13/09 3:38 am - West Central FL☼RIDA , FL
So far the insurance covered my original breast reduction last year.
Other than that nothing.........I paid out of pocket for my Arms, and an arm revision, the new breast lift and my Tummy Tuck.  I expect to pay for my legs and butt too.........and I still have another arm revision in the plan too (looooong story).  I might do some face work at the end but not sure at this time.  If anything goes wrong with the body it can be hidden under clothes but with the face nothing can be hidden so I've got to be 100% sure I want to do this....know what I mean....
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What about smartlipo for the face? I was thinking of doing smartlipo on my face and neck and also on my back and outer thighs. It mainly gets rid of the fat cells and tightens your skin rather than remove loose skin. I saw pictures of that procedure on
There's a lady on OH that had her back done with smartlipo and it looked really good afterwards.
No bra fat :o).
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on 9/16/09 6:33 am - West Central FL☼RIDA , FL
From what I've learned and experienced Lipo can do a good job removing some fat and contouring (I had it on my arms....made a big difference).  But I've also read that even SmartLipo cannot tighten skin...not like you'd like it to.

on 9/12/09 7:39 am - TN
Ruth (thats my & my LOVELY Mothers middle name : )  )  I realize appreciate you taking the time & posting whats happening with you. I am scheduled Oct 21st for a TT (Had Facelift, Breast lift last Oct) and am getting VERY nervous, mostly because of the pain factor. This is makingme feel better. Good luck 7 keep on posting!!

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on 9/12/09 9:33 am - West Central FL☼RIDA , FL
I realize that everyone is different.........but I have been able to manage the pain.  Important thing is taking the pain meds ON SCHEDULE especially those first few days. I've weaned myself down to 1 every 10 hrs today but probably should have taken it an hour ago.
I was also very nervous about the pain during recovery so I'm thrilled that I haven't had anything to complain about.  I hope after I see the surgeon next week and he mucks around with all the wounds that I can still say I'm feeling great.  I'm going to take a prescription pain killer 1 hour before seeing him so it will help dull any's all about pain management. 

I hope your recovery goes nice and easy for you.  Post to let us know your progress.....
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