Anyone have medicare pay for abdominoplasty?

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on 12/31/09 9:47 pm - Lonaconing, MD
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I'm less than 6 months out of surgery, but I'm having serious back issues and need to have my huge hanging pannus removed.  I've been experiencing terrible back pain for months.  Went for xrays and my spine is now "misaligned".  I fell on an icy sidewalk 12 years ago and fractured my spine in 3 places.  It has always hurt, but after WLS the pain got worse and worse.  I thought it was just the change in my center of balance, walking differently, carrying the weight differently, but maybe I injured my back again and am just not aware of doing it.  Or maybe it's a combination of both.  I seem to be losing weight everywhere but in the stomach area.  Physical  therapy just made matters worse.  I've lost about 100 lbs and i'm using a cane to get around.  I am miserable.  I know it is customary to wait at least a year or until weight has stabilized, but I need to do something now.

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Check with your medicare plan - it is documented that the hanging pannus does cause back pain.  You may qualify for a medically necessary removal procedure, the doctor may need to revise it at a later date.  I have seen that based on the amount of skin and problems they could cover it.  You will have to find a doctor who is willing to work with them.  Some PS's don't want to bother with the paper work. 

Good luck and let us know how things go.



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on 1/1/10 5:48 am
 I do know two people who had it done in Missouri so it can be done in some cases. I know a lot of doctors say they accept it and then do not want to file for surgery. I have tricare and it pays the same as medicare and I am having a problem finding someone who will accept it. The doctor my friends used is not a choice I want to make because one of them didn't survive. The other is doing great but I am not sure I want to chance it.

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I know a terrific surgeon in Florida that takes Tricare.




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Many people have the panniculectomy done earlier in the process because it creates so many problems.  Talk to your PCP and WL surgeon to see if they can make a referral for you.