6 months post op Vaser/Smart Lipo Surgery

Faith *
on 1/6/10 3:49 am, edited 1/7/10 4:11 am

I finally worked up the nerve and decided to post "naked" before/after pics.  I am six months post op from having my love handles and upper/lower back fat removed www.vaser.com and www.smartlipo.com .  About 3 liters of fat was removed during this surgery.  I am very pleased with my results.  I would not allow the surgery to be performed on my upper tummy area because I was too afraid something may go wrong and my band would get damaged.  My employer will only cover one WLS  and I don't need anything to happen to my band...LOL!

What the heck, I decided to go ahead and post my before TT picture which was in March of 2005...if I remember correctly...8-10 pounds of skin/fat was removed. I know I did my surgeries backwards i.e. TT then Lapband but I thought having the TT would be motivation enough to make me lose the weight...NOT!
You can see the pics on my profile if you are a friend and if not, please click on my profile and click send a friend request and I will add you.

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on 1/6/10 3:59 am - Christiansburg, VA
Wow! you got wonderful results!  Congratulations!


HW 265/CW 127/GW 130  4/1/10

HW 265/CW 141/GW 125  6/22/11

Extended TT 2/10/10

Faith *
on 1/6/10 4:44 am
on 1/6/10 4:29 am - XX

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Faith *
on 1/6/10 4:47 am

Now that I look at the pics...I am saying WOW.  I had to crop the "after" rear picture because booty, booty was everywhere...LOL.  No PS results are "perfect" but I am so happy with my "imperfect" results. 

on 1/6/10 4:34 am - Philly-delphia, PA
FAITHHHHHHHH...Thanks for sharing...I normally cannot tell the difference once someone has Lipo or whatever but your results are WONDERFUL...You look amazing.
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Faith *
on 1/6/10 4:48 am
Thanks Isa.  I previously shared the pictures with me in a tank top but you really could not fully see what a great job they did with the vaser/lipo surgeries. 
Creole Momma
on 1/6/10 4:37 am - Hutto, TX
Faith, WOW!  I don't know if you remember me but we met at a meet & greet in Houston about a year ago or so.  I'm Denise.  Thanks for the information and the pics.  I would not have imagined such a change form smartlipo and I don't know what vaser is.  I will check out both sites.  I haven't yet and after I do maybe I would know the answer to this question.  Where were your surgeries?  Were you an out patient or an overnight stay?  How long before you saw results?  How much time required off from work?  I guess you can tell, I'm really interested.

Faith *
on 1/6/10 5:02 am, edited 1/6/10 5:10 am

I sure do remember you Denise, how are you?  To answer your questions...

Where were your surgeries?  Right here in Louisiana about 20 miles from me.

Were you an out patient or an overnight stay? It is a same day surgery.  My surgery was at 10:30 and they were done around 12:45 or so.  I was awake and talking on the phone and texting with people on BAF/OH during surgery. 

How long before you saw results?  I saw results immediately.  However, my doctor said full results may not be until six months to a year after surgery. 

How much time required off from work?  I had my surgery done near the 4th of July holiday so I would not have to use too many days.  My surgery was on Thursday, July 2nd and I was back at work on Monday, July 6th.

I will be happy to answer any other questions that you may have.

Creole Momma
on 1/6/10 5:05 am - Hutto, TX
Thanks, Faith!  I'm reading on the Vasar site now.  Again, you look great!
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