How soon did your pant size go down after Tummy Tuck?

on 1/27/10 11:09 am
How soon after your tuck did your pant size go down? Could you tell immediatly that you were smaler - or did the swelling keep you about the same size for a good while?
I am just preparing myself for the REALITY of how this goes and that even this will take some time!
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on 1/27/10 11:30 am
I'll be two weeks out from LBL tomorrow and I'm still swollen.  I have not been out pants shopping yet as I don't want to spend any money on new clothes until I know where I'll be long term.  I do know that when I got home I measured and my waist is still the same size, but my hips lost 7 inches...and that is swollen.  So I'm hoping when the swelling goes down so does my waist and then I will for SURE be a few sizes smaller!
Melissa M.
on 1/27/10 12:13 pm - Seabrook, TX
This is so individual.  If you had lots of excess skin taken off then you will probably be able to wear your preop size or smaller size  pretty quickly especially if you go down 2 sizes or more.  If you just had say 3 or 5 pounds taken off then you may not go down much in size so the swelling will probably keep you from wearing your preop pants.  For me, I didn't even try on my regular pants till about 2  weeks.  I wore summer dresses and loose fitting capris (had my surgery in the summer).  Once I went back to work at 6 weeks I had to go buy new pants the week before because my preop pants were too big.  My preop pants actually fit at the waist due to the swelling but were very baggy everywhere else.  Also, if you have any lipo done then that will add to the swelling as well.
Lynne R.
on 1/27/10 9:15 pm - Houston, TX
My pants size actually went up after my tummy tuck, mainly because I no longer have a waist. They are baggy everywhere else (except in the thighs, they are huge).


on 1/28/10 2:31 am - Hartford, AR
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I had about 3 lbs of excess removed when I had my anchor cut tummy tuck.  I was able to wear my preop jeans on day 5 post op.  I have not went down any sizes.  They just aren't as tight as they were.


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Jody ***
on 1/28/10 4:28 am - Brighton, MI
RNY on 10/21/08 with
I am 8 days post TT with anchor cut.  My weight is the same as pre-op, but pre-op clothes do not fit.  I had 1 1/2 lbs of skin removed, and the swelling is keeping me in sweats... I pulled out a pair of size 6 jeans I had put in the "too big bag" and they're baggy in the butt and legs, and snug in the tummy (from the swelling).

I don't anticipate losing any sizes once my swelling goes down, just hoping my pre-op jeans fit me again - and soon!

Its tough for me now because I've got a few people asking me out on dates and I have nothing to wear!!  I think I can get into some pre-op dress pants, but I still have a drain to try and hide.

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on 1/28/10 12:44 pm - Corpus Christi, TX
VSG on 07/29/08 with
I was a size 10/12 pre op and about a week post op I was able to wear my jeans to the mall (they were a bit snug because of the swelling).  I had taken some pajama shorts with me in size medium and they however would not go past my thighs.  I will be 5 weeks post op on Saturday and I am able to wear a size 6/8 or 7/9 in jrs and my medium pj shorts fit fine. 


on 3/23/11 3:12 am
All of you sound sooo Lucky.. I had my full TT surgery with lipo 7 weeks ago.
After surgery the next day I got on the scale as was a full 20 pounds heavier.. I was just thinking OMG what did I do to myself. I am now 7 weeks post TT and went from a size 12 to a 14 with the button opened, I refuse to get into a 15 !! My hips are bigger, my lower stomach always looks like its 4 monthe pregnant.. Its depressing. My PS looked at me like an owl when I told him I never had hips before the surgery, he didnt know what to say, just that it will take 6 months. (he can see it on the before pics). I lost the extra 20 pounds im back at my pre op weight 165, but my size is driving me crazy. Its depressing seeing all the before and after pics of people who were Alot heavier than me and look better after 7 weeks. Yes im walking and doing a litle exercise since I keep sweeling. Plus my upper stomach isnt semetric, my right side is larger then my left.. Under my breasts where I specifically told him I wanted lipo I still have the fat right under my bra line.. When I bend over I have skin and fat hanging down..  I dont know what to do or believe anymore.. Never will that PS ever cut on me again.. I dont think he knows what he is doing.. Just a big talker.
Johanna !
on 3/23/11 5:47 am - Formerly known as jdcRI, RI
You are only 7 weeks out and are very swollen.  As far as the area under your breasts - the muscle repair goes all the way up to that point and that causes swelling.  Lipo causes even more swelling so babe, calm down!! you are just very swollen!!

I am 2.5 months out and still am swollen and I had no lipo!! i saw my PS yesterday and he said I am still swollen and in 3 months will look even beeter and at a year I will have my final results!!  I told him I measure my waist every morning and once (just once!) it was 27 inches - it is usually 29-31! He said he thinks it will be smaller than the 27 once the swelling is gone.  be patient!! it is hard but you need time to see the real results!
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on 5/22/14 3:52 am

Hello! I just had my tummy tuck with lipo 6 months ago... I had a very good PS from PR do my surgery after evaluating several cases. I did everything that was asked and followed all post operative procedure but ended developing pneumonia and a pulmonary embolia which was very scary and had me in the hospital for 5 days - doctors were very surprised that this happen but it is a possibility with all surgeries. I have recoverd from both conditions and healing very well. I will tell you that in terms of the surgery itself I am very satisfied. As a result of the surgery and all the further complications I did lose around 15 pounds. I am down 2 pant sizes and my stomach although a little bit swollen (specially on upper level) looks quite flat. I have gone from using size 10/12 to 6/8 in a matter of 5 weeks.. I am doing 1 hr of daily walking and eating healthy to stay on my ideal weight that I just reached 131lbs.

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