Face-lift swelling....how long does it last???

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on 2/11/10 9:49 pm - West Central FL☼RIDA , FL
Morning folks!
I'm feeling better this morning but the swelling in my face is not going down.  If you had a face lift.....How long did the face swelling last for you?

I had surgery Monday afternoon, swelling really kicked in big time on Weds....I suppose I just need to give it time but I'd sure like to know if it's normally 5 days, 7 days, 2 weeks until it starts to go down??? 
Did anyone find any tricks to alleviate the swelling?  The ice packs don't seem to be working for me..

I look like a bowling ball or a pumpkin!

on 2/11/10 9:58 pm
Lap Band on 11/30/07 with

Are you taking Bromelain, Quercetin and Arnica Montana?  I know they helped with my LBL.  If I forgot to take them, the swelling got a lot worse.  Hope it's better soon!


LBL/BL 12/11/09; BL Revision, Quad Bleph 07/16/10. Larry H. Lickstein, M.D., F.A.C.S.

It's not how fast you go, but that you're moving in the right direction!

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on 2/11/10 11:47 pm - West Central FL☼RIDA , FL
Hi Terri,
Yep taking both.....but thanks for the idea!! 
I think I'll do some research to see if I can UP the dosage safely.
Also going to buy some Arnica gel to see if that helps.


on 2/12/10 2:33 am - phila., PA
Hi Ruth
chck out my pix I look like porky the pig my face was never this fat and the black n blue it gets worse every day, I can drive now so when I go out betwen the compression garment around my head which looks like a jock strap on backwards and my fat black n blue face biy do i get the stares i know people are dying to ask me what happened

i am on my way to the PS now & I will ask, let u knoo laterr
take care Susan
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on 2/12/10 4:17 am - West Central FL☼RIDA , FL
Thanks Susan can't wait to hear what your surgeon has to say.  I don't see mine until Monday..

BTW - You are far braver than I am.  I won't be caught dead outside with this mess of a face/eyes and the jock strap on my head. (I love that jock strap description).

on 2/12/10 8:17 am - phila., PA
Hi Ruth he said swelling and B & B about 2 weeks we are only 5 days, I asked hm if he stepped on my neck and then kicked me in the fce looks like I got strangled & punched in the face.
you should see the looks i get when i go out and i know people are just dying to ask me what happened
he didn't take my sutures out I have to go back Monday all he did was take my hand dressing off cause he didin;t do that on Tuesday
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on 2/12/10 9:41 pm - West Central FL☼RIDA , FL
Thanks for the update Susan!

I too have sutures taken out on Monday....my dressings came the day after surgery.

I'm starting to see and feel the swelling going down....I actually did not "feel" as swollen last night by the time I went to bed.

I just noticed I have some bruising at the top of my chest just below my neck....do you?
It's kind of fun going through this at the same exact time with you....we get to compare notes.

I'm hoping Matthew will go to the store for me today so I don't have to venture out...I look like I got beat up and I'm sure I'd get a lot of stares.  Even on Weds morning when I went to the surgeons office I had sunglasses on and my sweatshirt hood pulled up on my head....my surgeon said I look like the uni-bomber!   To bad it isn't Halloween, we'd have a great costume!

Have fun today

on 2/13/10 2:28 pm - phila., PA
thats what my daughter said , we would look good if it was halloween, , my surgeons resident removed my dressings the next day but that was all he did and gave me the compression garment he didn;t do my hand dressing only my head/face but wouldn't clear me to shower, so when I went back  to see my PS ( cause my PS had a big surgery that day and he wanted my dressings off the next post-op day)and he cleared me to shower and took the dressing off my hand, and after my shower my daughter said the back of my head was worse looking cause all the dried blood was gone and my hair is so short you can see teh shiny staples thru my hair.
I normally wear my hair short but I had it cut Super super short for surgery, cause I remember my friend and how all the blood was in her hair and i told my PS  you are awesome as a surgeon but a hairdresser you aint.
 I just can't wait until the next 2 weeks are over.
How long do you have to wear your compresion garment?. I take mine off every nigh for a bout 20 minutes , scratch my head and massgae my neck, I tries to put on moisturizer today and it hurt, so i will just have dry skin for a while. check with your PS mine told ma no hair dye for 4-6 weeks, I dyed my hair last week so i should be oki
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on 2/13/10 8:53 pm - West Central FL☼RIDA , FL
I know exactly what you mean about seeing the staples in your head.....I got a little freaked out when I saw them for the first time.

Man I can't believe how hard my hair was/is from all the clumped dried blood!  What a mess!! FYI - I'm going to take another shower today and I still have some blood on the sides of the head.  It's mainly close to the staples and sutures and I don't want to "rub" hard with shampoo so I'm just kind of trying to get it soften an run off.  Freaky the first time you wet your head in the shower and see a pool of red water at your feet!!

Today I'll actually try to see how bad the haircut the surgeon gave really is... LOL

I was told no lotion/cream on the face or nec****il after the sutures come out so I'm on hold until tomorrow afternoon. 
Same thing here with the hair dye...I think they said 6 weeks but I too did mine the before so I'm ok for now.

I have to be in the compression garment all day for the first week or was it 2...hmmm I'll have to check that tomorrow. 

The tops of my ears are sore!  How about you?
on 2/14/10 7:43 am - phila., PA
I can't hold the phone to my ears I put everyone on speaker. I never asked about the lotion guess I wasn't thinking, but i didn't even get near the stitches,
use warm water for the dried blood. disgusting, but you have a lot more hair then I do asidefrom mine being short it is thin