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hi everybody, I'm just drifting over from the Texas board to ask for some expert advice/opinion about this procedure. I live in the Houston area and found this Dr. Ahmad Ahmadi and his claim of inventing the "LipoTuck" procedure. It sounds like the right thing for me, I am post-menopausal and had RNY 3 yrs ago, my weight has been stable for about 2 yrs, but the belly just won't go away. I have lost 75 lbs, bringing me down from size 22 to size 12-14. I'm happy with the weight but since I have no butt, the belly looks even more out of proportion, it overhangs, and just makes me feel like I'm still the fat woman at the back of the room. I will have to pay out of pocket for PS, but Hubby and I have decided to look into it seriously, we paid for the RNY ourselves too, so sticker shock won't kill us. Does anyone know anything about Dr. Ahmadi or his procedure? I would appreciate the info.
on 4/11/10 9:47 am - Houston, TX
LipoTuck combines liposuction with a tummy tuck, which is done as a routine during most tummy tucks.  I refer to the combo as "tummy tuck with liposuction."

If you feel you are flat in the back, perhaps a Brazilian buttock lift to transfer tummy fat to the buttocks would help.

Doctor rating sites include: professional.php?type=33

Hope this helps.

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on 4/11/10 10:15 am - Houston, TX
 I can't believe an actual doctor responded to my concerns!!! I will definitely be consulting with Dr. LoMonaco when I get back to the States this week! I'm really excited about this now! As ya'll can probably tell by all the exclamation marks!!
on 4/11/10 4:23 pm - Las Vegas, NV
wouldn't a lower body lift do what you want - help the butt part and the front at the same time? From what I've seen (and what Dr. L. posted) lipo is usually always part of that as needed.  It's also been called a belt lipectomy.

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Hi Kilaani, a lower body lift will lift the excess buttock skin but often results in flattening of the buttock.  The extra skin can actually add to fullness in that area, so we are left using the patient's own fat to try and restore fullness.
John LoMonaco, M.D., F.A.C.S.
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on 4/13/10 4:20 am
I recently had a tummy tuck and lipo on my flanks. I am now unhappy with the fullness above my buttocks in the lower back. Which procedure would be best for that? A lift or lipo?
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