how much did your tummy tuck cost?

on 4/21/10 2:17 am - CA
i had my consult for a breast lift/implants but i have to go back for the tummy tuck consult. just so i can get some $$$$ figures (since im impatient) how much did your tummy tuck cost, or someone you know? i know prices vary but im still curiouse

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on 4/21/10 4:40 am
I don't know the breakdown, but I just had extended TT with lipo of flanks and abdomen, scar revision and breast lift; total cost was $13,500. That was after a 10% discount given to all healthcare workers. It included all surgical, surgeon, anesthesia fees; one night in the surgicenter; pre-op vitamin and herbal regime; post op care including compression garments. It did not include pre-op labs (I was able to get those covered thru my yearly physical) which they estimate at $200 or post-op medicines (antibiotic, pain meds).

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Just saw how old these are.

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on 4/21/10 5:51 am
I had panni/ TT with lipo and muscle tightening. My part was 3500.00. Insurance paid the rest.
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on 10/12/14 7:22 am - Sebring, FL

I was under impression that insurance never covered cosmetic / tummy tuck procedures???  Please share


on 4/21/10 11:52 am - Lawton Ft Sill, OK
I am having my plastics in OKC in May and the prices are...
TT (Abd - Maxi) $ 7500.00
Liposuction (Flank) $2500.00
Brachioplasty (with Axilla) $ 4750.00

  Total of $14750
               - $1000. discount for multi procedures

So it will cost me $13750.00 whi*****ludes the anesthesia, facility fee, overnight stay, and garments. They give me the option of filling my meds for $70.00, but I have TriCare Prime, so I will fill them myself. I also have to get an EKG & Labs prior to surgery and those will also be done via my MTF.

I did see 3 different Surgeons and my estimates were from 12,500 to 17,400 for the exact same operations.

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on 4/21/10 12:49 pm - Brighton, MI
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My insurance paid for the panni.  When I got the insurance statement, they paid the poor guy just $2100. I upgraded to a full tummy tuck (vertical incision) with muscle tightening for an additional $1000.  Insurance also paid for the facility stay, but I think that was around $2500. 

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on 4/21/10 2:30 pm
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I went to Northwestern University Residency program in Chicago and saved alot of $$s. I had an extended tummy tuck with lipo and it was $6,200 for everything. It was outpatient but it included the hospital, surgeon, all pre and post-op office visits, etc. I would highly recommend the residency program. It is a 7 year program and my surgeon was just months from graduating... and an attending physician was there too. I am very pleased with my results.
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on 2/27/17 9:04 am

Hi I have an appointment to meet with resident to get a tummy tuck an lipo done I am a little nervous to get it done by a resident but they lady i was speaking to on the phone told me they do a good job an they are 50% cheaper than a doctor so Did they do a good? An did you have any complications and how long after your consultation did they schedule you for your procedure? I'm was wondering do see paients with a bmi of 36. I know alot of doctor won't see you if you have a bmi over 30 they will have you to lose weight. 

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Lower Body Lift with Muscle Repair / Fat Injected into my Butt / Breast Lift / Breast Augmentation using Silicone Implant. $9500. Knowing I now look totally hot. Priceless.

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