Tummy Tuck in 1 week- but getting "chicken"!

on 11/21/10 11:12 am - El Paso, TX

I have a tummy tuck, with muscle tightening, scheduled in 8 days, but I am having second thoughts! I would appreciate any advice because I am thinking of cancelling the surgery.

How wide is your scar, and is it indented or flat? Was the tradeoff of the scar for the extra skin worth it for you? (So far, I have had a neck lift, and breast augmentation, and those scars have healed really well.)

I have someone to take care of me the first week, will that be long enough?

How long before you were able to resume normal activities?

Overall, are you satisfied with your results? Do you have any before and after photos that I can view? Thank you for sharing your experience. I have found postings on this board to be extremely helpful.



on 11/21/10 12:01 pm - Cambridge, Canada
Lynn- I had my TT a little over a month ago.  My scar is very flat and very thin.  About 1-2mm at most.  I had an anchor cut - so hip to hip and pubic bone to breast bone.  I think the scar is ABSOLUTELY worth it.  Mostly for how I look in clothes.  I figure scar or flabby skin - I look weird naked.  But clothed I look a HELL of a lot better without the skin.  If your other scars healed well - this one should be the same.

My husband was home for 3 days after I got home from the hospital - so until day 5.  I was fine to look after myself after that.  I didn't shower when I was home alone for about another week - just in case - but otherwise I was fine to feed myself and get to the washroom etc.  Mostly I jus****ched TV and played on the computer... lol

I have pics - they are on another post in this thread. 
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on 11/22/10 12:07 am - El Paso, TX

Erica, thank you for your reply. I have been following your recovery on this message board, and you look fabulous! Thank you for posting your story- it has really helped me to know what to expect.

In addition, so you have numbness around your incisions? After my BA, my breasts were numb, and I am wondering what to expect with the tummy tuck.

Best thing I ever did...totally flat tummy , now 2 years our scar almost invisible ... I dont have pics but I would do it again in a heartbeat ...First week was a B**** but even with that , I would do it again ..
I had someone with me for about 3 days and at night but I did nothing but go pee . ea****hc TV so it all went well.. FIrst 3 days though ...ugggggggggggg  but that was the muscle tightening which I woudnt trade for the world..
You will love it once all is said and done I bet..  I DO :) 
on 11/22/10 12:11 am - El Paso, TX
Shirley, thank you so much for your reply! It really reassures me that I will like the result.

My surgeon says that she uses a pain pump that puts medication directly into the wound and is worn like a fanny pack the first 3 days. I had this for my RNY and had NO pain after the surgery.

How long before you could lay flat in bed?

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on 11/21/10 10:32 pm, edited 11/21/10 10:33 pm
There are many different types of tummy tucks leading to different locations for the scar; speak to your surgeon and look at his pictures so you know what to expect.

Nov 5 I had a lower body lift with hernia repair - I definitely had that tummy tuck part. My scar is lying flat and definitely worth having this surgery. I can really see a huge difference from the muscle tightening/repair and I can feel the difference when I cough - my muscles now do what they are supposed to do. I also had an arm lift - but I didn't feel anything from the LBL or arm lift - but that muscle work really hurt for those first few days whenever I used my muscles - e.g. coughing post op. However the pain wasn't too bad - I didn't have any pain medication after the first day. I am in good shape from walking and hiking and I believe that made a great difference post-op with moving around, sitting and standing, going upstairs etc. have all been pain free and easy since I use my leg muscles.

If you have someone to help for the first few days you'll be fine. I now a little over two weeks and I'm able to do most of my housework - just a little slower than normal. I'm still slow walking but making great progress there - I think if I only had a tummy tuck I'd be much further along back to normal. BTW, The muscles now rarely hurt and if I cough it's a mild feeling and I know that will go away soon.

Good luck with your surgery.
on 11/22/10 12:14 am - El Paso, TX
Skylar, thank you for your reply. It is so reassuring that you are well on your way to feeling normal after a little over 2  weeks. Are you able to sleep flat in bed, or do you still have to sleep in a sitting position?

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on 11/22/10 5:02 am
On November 22, 2010 at 8:14 AM Pacific Time, casa_alto wrote:
Skylar, thank you for your reply. It is so reassuring that you are well on your way to feeling normal after a little over 2  weeks. Are you able to sleep flat in bed, or do you still have to sleep in a sitting position?

I've tried sleeping on my side but it's so weird and uncomfortable because of the swelling, binder and bandages and I still have two drains. I've decided to stick on my bac****il the drains are out. Normally I'm a side sleeper and I was really concerned and did have problems sleeping on my back but I've finally figured out how to arrange my pillows so it's comfortable and I'm finding I'm getting a good night's sleep. But I do miss sleeping on my side. This week I hope to get the last two drains out and move into Spanz shorts - then I'll get back to side sleeping. I'm so tired of looking at a zillion pillows LOL.
on 11/22/10 12:17 am - El Paso, TX
Thanks to everyone for your replies! I am also concerned about numbness around the tummy tuck incision because my breasts were, are still somewhat, numb after BA. Has this been an issue for anyone with the tummy tuck?

on 11/22/10 12:23 am - Central, FL
I would do it again and again and again. I have no regrets and the difference is beyond my expectations. The muscle tightening is uncomfortable for a couple of weeks but it's very managed with proper pain meds. If you have help the first week you should be fine after that. My scars have faded nicely and my stomach is flat and very tight. Here's a snapshot of before and 16 mos. after.

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