Can You Claim Plastics On Your Taxes?

on 1/30/11 8:24 am - De Pere, WI
RNY on 11/09/09 with
Just wondering if you can claim plastics as medical for a tax return? 
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on 1/30/11 8:53 am - AZ
No....It is considered cosmetic and not health related. 
on 1/30/11 9:19 am - De Pere, WI
RNY on 11/09/09 with
Even if your PCP says it is needed?
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on 1/30/11 11:33 am - Sacramento, CA
I claimed my reconstructive surgery on my taxes.  Dont call it plastics.  I even got audit and won. 
on 1/30/11 11:58 am - Levittown, PA
DS on 07/02/08 with
Thanks ... I just looked back at your post about it and saw the info from Mendee ...

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on 1/30/11 11:14 pm - De Pere, WI
RNY on 11/09/09 with
Thanks again Tom
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on 1/30/11 12:08 pm - AZ
Even if you PCP says it is need it is not allowed as a tax deduction. If you read pub 502 for medical and dental expenses it states that plastic surgery is not a allowed expense. That is one of the reasons why medical insurance companies don't allow it as a expense they will cover. If you claim it and get audited I am 100% sure that it would get disallowed. 
on 1/30/11 1:17 pm - Central, FL

Cosmetic Surgery


Generally, you cannot include in medical expenses the amount you pay for unnecessary cosmetic surgery. This includes any procedure that is directed at improving the patient's appearance and does not meaningfully promote the proper function of the body or prevent or treat illness or disease. You generally cannot include in medical expenses the amount you pay for procedures such as face lifts, hair transplants, hair removal (electrolysis), and liposuction.

You can include in medical expenses the amount you pay for cosmetic surgery if it is necessary to improve a deformity arising from, or directly related to, a congenital abnormality, a personal injury resulting from an accident or trauma, or a disfiguring disease.


An individual undergoes surgery that removes a breast as part of treatment for cancer. She pays a surgeon to reconstruct the breast. The surgery to reconstruct the breast corrects a deformity directly related to the disease. The cost of the surgery is includible in her medical expenses.

I think it all comes down to perception and everyone is going to view it in their own way. I was obese from my own doings. I lost a lot of weight and ended up with some loose and excess skin. I didn't have a disfiguring disease. All of my body parts functioned without plastic surgery. See, it's all in how you view it. I spent a ton of money on plastics but I'm not claiming it on my taxes. For me it was to make me look better. For someone else it could be totally different. I'm not taking on the IRS.

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on 1/30/11 7:41 pm
I do taxes and if I had to pay out of pocket I would claim my expenses (might not have too because as my plan is now, insurance will cover a tt). I think a person could make a very good case that some plastic surgeries could be considered a medical necessity to correct a medical problem like skin infections, back  and neck pain. I would claim it, but stay mindful of a possible audit.

Annie E.
on 1/31/11 5:39 am
so can you write off the bariatrics surgery since its not plastics? just curious.
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