Compression Garments...How long???

on 6/28/11 11:48 pm - OK
I know all surgeons differ.  I was wondering how long yours said to wear a compression garment for what procedures? I was wondering sprecifically about BL, TT, inner thigh lift and brachio. Also for 24/7 or how long each day? Thanks.
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on 6/29/11 12:02 am - Brighton, MI
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I had an anchor TT and wore my compression garment 24/7 for the first month, then transitioned into wearing it only at night.  I felt naked without it.  I think you'll find it feels like a security blanket at times!!  BUT - I definitely didn't want to wear it when I went back to work, luckily it worked out for me. 

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on 6/29/11 12:39 am - grand rapids, MI
I wore mine for at least 6 weeks for the brachio and LBL. Was told at 4 weeks I didn't have to wear for the arms all day but found I swelled way too much w/o it so I wore it. Like Jodi it was a comfort/security thing. For the thighs I believe it was 4 weeks just because it was more trouble going to the bathroom when away from home but still slept in it for at least 6 weeks.
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on 6/29/11 1:15 am - Yorktown, VA
I'm still wearing mine 24/7 at almost 5 weeks from my LBL, but I did develop a seroma.  (Compression is thought to help prevent it from returning.) 

As the others have said, though, it feels weird for me NOT to wear it!  I have no problem wearing mine to work or out and about as you can't tell I've got it on under my clothes and it has a handy opening in the crotch so I don't have to remove it to pee.  :)
on 6/29/11 2:27 am - Columbia City, IN
I wore ACE bandages on arms for compression for 5 weeks.

I have an open abdominal wound (skin necrosis) from my TT and will wear compression 24/7 until significant healing and closing of wound - so probably a couple more months.  That is not the normal.

Those are the only experiences I've had.
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on 6/29/11 3:48 am, edited 6/29/11 3:49 am - Colorado Springs, CO
I am 2 weeks out from my LBL.

The first week I had an Abdominal binder NOT a compression garment. At 1 week out I was switched to the Compression Garment and told to wear it 24/7. Yesterday at my 2 week post op visit, I was told I could start wearing it 22/7 (basically taking it off long enough to wash and dry it every day. In 3 more weeks I will switch to the next stage of compression garment (does not have zippers or hook closures, just pull on more like a spanx type garment) and wear that 20/7 for 4-6 months.

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on 6/29/11 9:40 am
I had the LBL, inner thigh lift, BL and brachio.  Dr S said 6 weeks 24/7, but I pretty much wore mine for 3+ mo, then went to every other day or so.  Now, I'm wearing the abdominal compression garment at night only.  Takes the swelling from the day back down and I look good most of the day and evening, then zip back into the garment.  I had two so would wash one then wear it after my shower for the day and night.  I do wear a sports bra at night then the garment.  I'm 5.5 months out.

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Where do you get the compression garment or the abdominal binder?
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on 6/30/11 2:54 am - OK
Your plastic surgeon usually gives them to you. However you generally need more than one. I hated the one I got from surgeon and Never have used it. I ordered mine from make me heal. I hope that's ok to say.
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