Panniculectomy.. Realistic Results please?

on 1/10/12 1:54 pm
I just wanted to know what to realistically expect w/a panniculectomy? I currently weigh 162 (down from 280) & am at the point where I just hv this huge skin hang on my belly.. So this is what my PS Surgeon recommended for now.

I know this surgery won't give a flat, attractive tummy (as a TT might) since it only takes off the lower abdomen (major prob area only), n leaves the upper ab alone (also has loose skin, etc). So I'm just curious to know how others' outcomes hv been, were u satisfied with what was left in terms of the appearance? Am mainly doing this to become more mobile to do more exercise which I hope will help w/ the shaping aspect.. Am also doing this to fit into clothes better & feel better/ more confident & 'normal' abt myself (even after having lost so much)!

Thx for any info u can provide!
on 1/10/12 3:16 pm - Israel
I am still fat but not FAT after my pannni but in layman terms or writing quickly I write TT. My tummy is FLAT. I was not nor am I at goal weight yet but I can bend over and move my body so much easier e/o that axtra three kilo there. And I have no more rash or fungi on my Cscar.
And I so enjoy,even relish my flat tummy when in bed! Even just walking around I strut like a pea****
I hope to be approved for boobs.
Mikimi in Israel
on 1/10/12 3:38 pm
The good thing is you won't have the hanging down tummy, but you will still have the upper body loose skin.  I have a good friend who had only a panni and she fit in her pants better, but her tops didn't look so good because that upper body then hung out over her belt.
Is there any way you can afford to get a TT?  How far are you from your goal?  The difference in appearance and how you fit your clothes is like night and day - between a panniculectomy and a TT.

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on 1/10/12 11:19 pm
My experience?
I had a terrible low-hanging pannus.
But I also had stuff hanging above the umbilicus.
A panniculectomy would not have done the job for me.

I had the anchor cut with muscle tightening.

There are probably some who have had the panni only and been happy but boy, I know it would not have worked for me.
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Michelle E.
on 1/11/12 12:19 am

Even with the Panni removed, you will probably have a muffin top...My PS showed me photos of some of his patients that had the panni removed and then came to him to have the TT done..

I think you should ask your PS for realistic expectations.. I dont miss my triple shelf of skin.. 1st shelf- Panni, 2nd ab area and 3rd my poor deflated boobs..


on 1/16/12 3:10 pm
We almost have the same stats...I'm scheduled for panni on 3/8. I opted for panni because I don't heal too good and am terrified of not healing. I can't imagine going having my muscled tighten and having to worry about more complications. I know that every surgery has risks but I know my body. I wish you the best
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