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While I'm waiting for my scheduled TT/BL in March, I'm looking at all other options. I am finding some information on residency programs, so I thought I'd compile a list of the programs that I find in case others are interested. I'll edit this list as I find more programs, but I'm just getting started, so check back later for more...

Baltimore, Maryland

New Orleans, LA

Kansas City, KS (recommended by an OH'er below)
Please call 913-588-2000 to set up an appointment to be evaluated.

Post-Bariatric Surgery

Individuals that have lost massive amounts of weight through dieting or bariatric surgery frequently have both functional and aesthetic problems related to redundant soft tissue. A variety of procedures are available to remove excess tissue from the face, arms, breast, trunk and legs. Drs. Korentager, Hendrix, Dougherty, Ponnuru, Bhavsar, and De Souza all provide these services. Appointments can be obtained by calling 913-588-2000 for Drs. Hendrix, Ponnuru, Bhavsar, and De Souza or 913-588-7600 for Drs. Korentager and Dougherty.

New York

New York

Georgetown University Washington, DC and Virginia

San Francisco, CA

Houston, TX

Dallas, TX

Birmingham, AL

Los Angeles, CA

UCLA has a program that is "25-30 percent lower than our surgeons", but it won't let me copy the link here without an error. 

UCLA Resident Clinic

UCLA Surgery Center offers low-cost plastic surgery through the Resident Clinic.


UCLA Plastic Surgery offers low-cost plastic surgery through the Resident Clinic.

The fees for procedures are generally 25 percent to 30 percent lower than those of our surgeons.

  • Residents are at the final stage of their plastic surgery training and have experience with most cosmetic procedures.
  • Residents are supervised by attending surgeons throughout the entire process, from your initial consultation to the post-operative visits.
  • For more information or to schedule a consultation,
    please call (800) 825-2752.
  • Please note:
    * Financing program is not available for low-cost plastic surgery in the Residents Clinic.

This is a list meant for physicians, but it has recent contact information for many residency programs. You could always call or email to find out the actual patient/clinic areas of their programs...

This is a list that contains information about top surgeons and shows the training schools that they attended. I will try to find more info on each clinic, but you can email or contact one of them to find out if they offer low cost residency surgery if you like...

Interesting opinions of some surgeons on using residency programs for surgery...
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 I've often seen folks on the board discussing the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.  I have no personal experience with it but have read several reviews where the patients were pleased at the results/costs.  

Is this the kind of place you are compiling for your list?
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 Thanks! I'll add it to the list. If anyone else knows of a program, please post and we'll just keep adding them.
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 Great post!! Thanks! - my journey to sexy skinny bitch status

11/16/12 - Got my Body by Sauceda - arms, Bl/BA, LBL, thigh lift. 

HW 420/ SW 335 /CW 200    85 lbs lost pre-op / 135 post op


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 Atlanta, GA

I found a link on realself where several well-known surgeons where talking about Emory having a great residence program where you could "get cosmetic surgery at half price". I get an error when I try to copy that link. I'm going to compile a Word Document and try to put all of this information together and repost to clean up this thread. For now, you can call Emory at these numbers...

Administrative Office

Emory Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Emory University Hospital Midtown, Medical Office Tower
550 Peachtree Street, SE
8th Floor, Suite 4300
Atlanta, GA 30308
Telephone: 404.686.8143

Clinical Offices

Emory Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Emory University Hospital Midtown, Medical Office Tower
550 Peachtree Street, SE
8th Floor, Suite 4300
Atlanta, GA 30308
Telephone: 404.686.8143

The Emory Aesthetic Surgery Center at Paces*
Paces Plastic Surgery
3200 Downwood Circle
The Palisades, Suite 640A
Atlanta, GA 30327
Telephone: 678.420.7046

* for non-insurance covered procedures

Postgraduate Training Information

Plastic Surgery Program Coordinator
Paces Plastic Surgery
3200 Downwood Circle
Suite 640A
Atlanta, GA 30327
Telephone: 678.420.7045

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The University of Maryland

Division of Plastic Surgery

Discount Cosmetic Surgery Resident Clinic

At the University of Maryland Medical Center’s Plastic Surgery Resident Clinic, we’ve made high-quality cosmetic surgery affordable, without sacrificing our patients’ safety. The consultation and surgery are performed by a final-year plastic surgery resident under the direct supervision of board-certified plastic surgeons who are full-time faculty members at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. All surgeries are performed in a hospital operating room to ensure maximum safety with the highest level of patient care.

If you prefer to see a faculty member directly, simply ask when making an appointment (higher costs apply). For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 410-328-2360.

Division of Plastic Surgery

Contact Us

Practice Locations:

  • University of Maryland Medical Center 
    22 S. Greene Street
    Baltimore, Maryland 21201
  • Kernan Hospital 
    2200 Kernan Drive 
    Baltimore, Maryland 21207
  • University of Maryland Medicine at Timonium 
    1 Texas Station, Suite 300 
    Timonium, Maryland 21093

For more information about UM Division of Plastic Surgery or to make an appointment, please call 1-800-492-5538 or 410-328-2360 (patients) or 1-800-373-4111 (physicians).  
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That was kind of you for taking the time to do this.  The Baylor Residency Program is one is have been possible considering for some procedures. 

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I've read good things about Baylor that were written by practicing cosmetic surgeons, so it must be a good place to go. Just so many options out there that it's tough to make a decision.
Nicole T.
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i have to be honest. i am about to have someone make major cuts into my skin removing large quantities. this is my only body. i can't return it and get a new one. a resident for such a serious surgery just doesn't seem like a good idea. i'd rather find a way to pay for an expert who has alot of experience with people who have lost major amounts of weight. just my opinion. not sure i'd risk someone screwing up. i'd have to live with that the rest of my life.
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It's a tough decision to get surgery and to pick a surgeon, for sure. I have read SO many posts from people who just do not have enough money to go to a private practice surgeon. Insurance is of little help to many of us, either. Residency programs are a viable option for many.

I suppose the fact that I've been working my way through nursing school makes me feel comfortable with residency programs. Instructors hover over us when we are doing things, and always lead the way when it comes to working on actual patients. Also, if you read the fine print on these residency programs, the majority of them require the fellows to already be board certifed surgeons before entering a plastic surgery residency program. Some of them are already actually board certified in cosmetic surgery and are enrolled in these programs to become specialty surgeons, such as "facial surgeons". I even saw one site that was accepting fellowships to a program that specializes in surgery of the once morbidly obese. Also, in some of these clinics, you can specify that you want the instructors ONLY to do your surgery while the students or fellows watch the surgery. Often, that happens even if you don't specify it. 

You do make some valid points. Residency programs are not for everyone. However, for those of us who desperately need help and have no other options, they may be of great assistance. Even though I can afford a private practice surgeon, I would not have any reservations about using a residency program, but I WOULD do my homework and find out who is going to be working on me before making my payment. I would also insist on references and on before and after pictures, just as I would with a private practice surgeons. 

If there are any surgeons lurking on this thread, I would love to hear your comments or thoughts on using residency programs for cosmetic surgery for the once morbidly obese.
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