LBL and butt cracks. Too high?

on 3/23/12 10:21 am - Mashpee, MA
First of, THANK YOU all for posting so much information! You have given me a great education to get through the plastic surgery process.  I am starting to schedule appointments with plastic surgeons and have come up with yet another question. Some of you have mentioned being unhappy with butt crack being elongated after lbl.  Does that have more to do with the surgeon vs my anatomy?  after having a rather large bottom most of my life I am afraid my crack could end up in my hairline!  OK, at my waste at least.
Thanks everyone!

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Lee ~
on 3/23/12 11:59 am - CA
 I have always had a high crack. I was afraid it was too high for a LBL but Dr. Sauceda assured me that it was fine,  I can wear bikini undies or a thong and have my incision hidden.

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on 3/23/12 12:28 pm - Mashpee, MA
 Thanks Lee!  I have enjoyed reading your posts. You look wonderful!
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Lee ~
on 3/23/12 12:47 pm - CA
Thank you! 

HW: 249   SW: 229 GW: 149 Age: 63 - Body by Sauceda - 12/2011

on 3/23/12 9:23 pm
I had a very large butt...that is where most of my sagging skin is.  When I had a consult for an LBL, I was told, due to the amount of skin, I will still have  some sag.  The surgeon pulled the skin and showed me.  I told him when I undress at night I pull my skin and thought the results would look like what I was doing.  He immediately told me no...if the skin is pulled like that, the butt crack will not look right.  I was focusing on the hanging skin and not the crack.  I did not even notice that issue.  So, I'm thinking to a large degree it has to do with surgical technique.  I greatly appreciated him pointing that out.  I would rather have a little loose skin than another costmetically weird looking result.  I saw one after photo on the web, and it was horrible.  I have not had my LBL yet, but based upon his comment, the surgeon's technique will definitely contribute to that outcome....

on 3/24/12 1:35 am - Mashpee, MA
 Thank you Dasie. I'll be sure and address it and see what the surgeon says. Are you scheduled yet?  Good luck!
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on 3/24/12 6:11 am
No I have not scheduled.  I'm at a standstill trying to decide if I should go forward with a face lift or LBL.  Then I tell myself I'll be 57, and I should forget about this.  It is what it is.  Then I walked back in my house from looking at bathing suits, and well let's just say I left very disgusted, discouraged, and it looks like it will be another year...couple of decades before I wear one again.  My husband asked how the search went, and I told him the LBL needs to be now.  The money is an issue too.   He is a few years from retirement, and I am feeling guilty about spending the money.  I just have a lot of stuff to work out in my mind.  That is why I have not scheduled any surgeries to date.  It is pretty much all I think about much of the time.  Baylor College of Medicine has a residency program, and the cost is much, much less.  My daughter thinks I owe it to myself to schedule a consult with them and see what they have to say.  I guess it won't hurt to go to one more consultation.

on 3/24/12 10:01 am - Houston, TX
The incision for LBL should begin (on the backside) where the gluteal crease (butt crac****nds.  How high it goes as it curves around to the hips has to do witht he aount of loose skin you have not only on your butt but also your hips and waist.  Its like hanging curtains...the saggy curtains touching the floor are the butt cheeks, BUT the loose loer back, hip, and waist skin must also be considered.

If you make a nice low LBL cut and "hang" the buttocks on loose saggy hip skin, the scar will be pulled down and you wil loose some of the lift !  Its a "top-down, bottom up" kind of thing and honestly, many surgeons don't even get that.

Now, a "too-high-butt-crack" comes from a certain situation where there is either more upper abdominal and hip excess skin than there is buttock skin, or the reverse.  Basically a mismatch between top and bottom.

Go put on fitted jeans and a baggy T-shirt. Now tuck in the T-shirt nice and snug.  There is more shirt than you have waist to tuck it, so it pleats. See the up-and-down creases ?  That happens on the butt crack and makes it appear too high. It often requires a touch-up to fix and it's not all that easy to do.

Hope this helps and its a good question to ask your PS !

John LoMonaco, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Plastic Surgery
Houston, Texas
on 3/24/12 12:15 pm - Mashpee, MA
 Thanks Dr Lomonaco for the great explanation. Since I have all ready contacted your office about making an appointment, I look forward to meeting you and having you answer my questions in person!
Regards, Paula 
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Amy Smith
on 3/24/12 11:05 pm
What a great topic!  I have to say I thought that I was only one! :-) 
It is really funny b/c it exactly as the Dr. explained for me it is not the actual crack but the creasing that appears to be a higher crack.  I didn't notice until I tried to put on the bikini I bought as my "dream bikini."  Well the bottoms are hipsters and the top of my crack looks like it is showing.  I had A HUGE butt and a ton of saddlebag fat removed.  So I have now figured out that I can not wear hipster underwear or bikini bottoms, BUT I can rock most other bikinis (I am going to Florida on Monday and am prepared with bikini in my suitcase).  I am also less than 6 months out and notice the scar changing on a regular basis so I think as it lightens it will not be so noticable.  (Honestly, if you aren't looking you don'e notice, but of course we notice our worst parts.)

Best of luck as you begin your plastics journey!  It really is the finishing step in the journey.  It has helped me to actually see the weight that I have lost.

I may have had a few extra potholes along the way, but the journey has been good!   

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