Breast lift and Augmentation Question

Kelly W.
on 9/3/12 8:44 am - WA
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 I had breast lift and augmentation on Jun 11.  Is it normal for your breast to get softer and start to droop a little?  They look much better than they use to before the surgery but until about a week or two ago they were much perkier and had a much better shape.  Any opionion/advice would be appreciated.
on 9/3/12 3:38 pm - Westchester, NY
It is my understanding that when the swelling goes down, they get softer and settle. That happened in 1984 when I had my reduction, and now with my implants 3 weeks ago, I am waiting for the swelling to go down, and am told they will, as I said, soften and settle and be more normal.

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on 9/3/12 6:44 pm
Yes, it's normal.  I'm about 6 months out and if you didn't see the scars, you probably couldn't tell that I had the surgery.  I opted for a little larger than I was prior to my weight loss.  They can continue to change for up to a year from what I've read.  Some people think the implants "drop" lower in the pocket, but not really.  The best description of the "dropping & fluffing" I saw was a sketch that showed how after time the contents of the implant settle lower within the implant due to gravity.  You don't say what kind, but I would assume this sketch was referring to silicone.  I would expect that saline would settle quicker.

Don't rush out and buy bras.  I did after a few months when the doctor said they were pretty much the way they were going to be.  I went up a cup size since then.
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on 9/4/12 5:45 pm - TN
 I had a lift and augmentation using saline 9 months ago. Mine are still hard and cleavage is hard to come by. Before I lost weight and had big boobs I would have cleavage popping out the top of t shirts. 
  I can go braless. Which is good. No worry about bouncing all over the place as they are pretty much not moving.
    Vitamin E is supposed to soften them up. I use the oil and take the softgel 4000iu. I should note I have only been taking Vitamin E for 3 weeks as I was sick afterwards and was just told at my 9 month visit to start Vitamin E
Shelly C.
on 9/4/12 11:17 pm - Alameda, CA
My doc suggests sleeping in a sports bra to keep them perky over time as we get older, and have lost weight our skin is thinner. Also suggests wearing a front closure bra on the nights you may be intimate and clip the girls back into place when you are through...
Sorry if TMI.
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