Tummy tuck and boobs in 3weeks and starting to panic!

on 9/15/12 4:23 pm - Arlington, VA
 Hi al,

Not new to oh but just 3weeks to go now and I'm scared to death after reading some blogs about recovery, pain, drains, etc.  am I crazy for deciding to do this?? Would sure appreciate words of wisdom about all this.  Don't know why I haven't been so scared until now!

Anyone?  Thanks!!

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on 9/16/12 6:43 am - TN

I have talked to some people on here and in real life about their recovery.  I know it will be difficult, especially at first.  I know there will be MUCH mor pain than my VSG.




Not because I am a masochist love love pain, but because it will mark a transition for me.  I will finally be losing this skin that makes it hard for me to live my life the way I want to.  I won't feel my butt foldin on itself when I sit, or my back fold double if I lay down or lean back.  I won't have to layer my stomach in bed as if it were glue or icing.


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on 9/16/12 7:06 am - Israel
My post-op complications are not because of PS neccessarily - I have some sort of difficulty in healing and I do not have diabetes or smoke.
I think many more people do fine with their Plastics recovery than have complications.
You know the risks of what could happen so you are informed.
Rest your mind and think positive.
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on 9/16/12 10:16 am
 I'm 5.5 weeks from my belt lipectomy and scared/anxious already lol


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Shelly C.
on 9/17/12 8:55 pm - Alameda, CA
 It is worth it! I am 7 weeks post op, I am back to work full time, getting ready for business travel again. The drains do not really hurt, just an inconvenience. As for pain, no need to fear, no need to be brave, take the prescription pain meds, wear your compression brace, it will be your best friend, and helps a lot to protect you.

The best advice, make sure you have help, you will need help doing all chores and cooking. Another must is a comfortable recliner, I slept in mine for 3 weeks because my bed killed me.The actual incisions do not hurt, you are numb pretty much on them and around them, it takes several weeks to months to get feeling back, be prepared for that. The muscle repair is the must painful part, I still am sore when coughing, sneezing, and over stretching, it will take weeks, but it isn't unbearable, just annoying.

Here are the pro's that everyday I think about:

It is an amazing experience to lay on your side and not have your tummy shape shift. it is an amzinging feeling to button your pants and not muffin top and be able to wear a fitted short and have it look like it really fits. it is amazing to look down and your bood stick out further than your belly. 

Only positive thoughts, it aids in healing :)

Good Luck,
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Lee ~
on 9/17/12 10:49 pm - CA
 Ann, I answered you in detail on the VSGM board. It's natural to be nervous.

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on 9/18/12 6:21 pm
It is not as bad as you think....the first couple days are hard especially needing someone to care for you and help you up and down, but I have been up and running since 1 week out...I feel great...drains only sting like an SOB when they get taken out...other than that they are a annoying. I had an extended TT and am 5 weeks out and feel brand new.


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on 9/19/12 10:09 am - Germantown, TN
How far out do you have to be to be able to shower?? 
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